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Intersection Improvements at Opitz & Montgomery Sought after Pedestrian Death

A memorial for Sally Okuly stands at the intersection of Opitz Boulevard and Montgomery Avenue in Woodbridge.

Not made of steel or stone, the monument is simply a teddy bear strapped to a utility pole with a large piece of cardboard with her name, and “in loving memory” written in marker.

020314-montOkuly was killed in November when she was crossing Optiz Boulevard at a crosswalk. She was struck by a driver who was later charged in the crash.

A press release from Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank Principi’s office states Okuly was on her way to a gas station to get a newspaper, something she had done frequently.

Now Principi is urging the Virginia Department of Transportation to restripe the current intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly, making a “block style” to be visible to more drivers. He also wants the traffic signal to be retimed so that when pedestrians are crossing the street they are the only ones moving through the intersection.

“I am focused on increasing pedestrian and bicyclist safety,” stated Supervisor Principi in an press release. “We are all motorists, walkers, or cyclists at one point or another. It’s time we learn to better share the road.”

He’s also asked for new signage in the median or overhang at the intersection, and for VDOT to consider modifying the lane configuration in the area.

More lighting, and filling a large pothole along nearby Southampton Street also appears in Principi’s requests. They were presented to VDOT in a letter from his office.


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