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Sponsored Post: 3 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Exercise

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For those of you that struggle with maintaining a regular fitness routine, things always seem to come up and knock you down just as you were getting into a rhythm. Here are three simple ways to help you get that workout in.

1. Make it a date

Write your workout down in your day calendar. This simple act shows that fitness is a priority for you and you’ll adhere to it as you would a client meeting or doctor appointment. When scheduling other engagements, treat that block with the same amount of importance and you’ll always have a window open to exercise.

2. Forget the ‘all or none’ attitude

Even gym buffs committed to five-day weekly workouts have things that come up and either cut a workout short or prevent them from going at all for a day or two. The attitude with those who regularly workout, however, is to get it in when and where they can.

If you’re stuck at home on a snow day, pop on a quick workout video. If you’re running late in the morning, spend twenty-five minutes doing high-intensity intervals at the gym instead of your usual hour-long weight and cardio combination. This simple practice will help you to be more flexible and find creative ways to stay active and keep exercising.

3. Reevaluate your exercise routine

Sticking to a plan that’s challenging, doesn’t constitute instant gratification and is boring and difficult isn’t easy for most people. Sit back and take an objective look at your program to see if you need to make some tweaks. If walking on the treadmill bores you to tears, try a group exercise class or some interval cardio instead. The key is to push yourself just out of your comfort zone, not so far past it that it’s impossible to stick with.


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