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Haymarket police chief re-suspended, council overrides mayor’s veto —If you’re keeping score at home, Haymarket Police Chief James E. Roop is back OFF the job, along with his deputy chief, Gregory A. Breeden, and Officer Jacob T. Davis, after all three were suspended last Monday night, then un-suspended on Thursday afternoon by Mayor David Leake. On Friday night, the town council overrode the mayor’s veto and re-suspended Roop, Breeden and Davis. So once again, the town of about 1,900 residents is left with three officers to stem the tide of crime in western Prince William County, at least for the next 60 days. [Washington Post]

Ice Recreation – Area Waters Unsafe — Although an attractive place to play, frozen ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams present unusual risks to everyone, including the rescuers challenged with attempting to rescue them. [Prince William County]

Stafford 350th history projects funded–Capt. John Smith’s Chesapeake Bay explorations, cross-river balloon spying on Confederates troops, famous folks such as Pocahontas and George Washington, or turn-of-the-century flying machines plunging into the Potomac River. []


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