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Rescue Crews Train for Mass Shooting Incident

Firefighters and emergency crews will train this weekend for a mass casualty incident.

Responding to a mock mass shooting will be the theme of the training, and it will better prepare first responders to be prepared for such an event in our area.

This weekend’s training at the Prince William County’s Public Safety Center in Nokesville is one of four taking place on weekends this month.

The mass casualty incident training is a nine-week course that includes hands-on training both at the safety center and back at their respective fire stations, and ends with a practical exercise where rescue personnel get to see what a mass shooting would look like up close, according to a fire and rescue department press release.

Here’s how the exercise works:

1) Personnel are assigned units

2) Units are dispatched and arrive at an incident scene as they would in real time

3) Approximately 25 patients are role players and interact with our providers

4) Each command function is supported by a facilitator/mentor

5) Units are deployed to the incident scene to pick up and transport patients

6) Final review of the day’s exercise

*Photo / video credit: Prince William County

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