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Davidson: Stafford Ice Skating Differed from Real Ice

I grew up admiring  Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill. They were amazing Olympic figure skaters!

One Christmas my parents bought the whole family ice skates. When the winter came to our home in Spotsylvania, and the temperatures fell well below freezing for a couple of weeks, the pond in front of my parents’ home would freeze over enough to safely go out on it. Then it was time to hit the ice. Literally. I fell a lot the first year, but after logging on many hours, I had “mastered” a few things.  By that time my Olympic rink had turned back in to a slushy farm pond.

 Thirty years have gone by.

This past Saturday, Stafford’s 350th Birthday bash included a skating rink, though there was no real ice. So naturally I dawned my skates and took to the rink.

A lot has changed in those 30 years. The ice was synthetic, the surface made of plastic. Most of the other skaters agreed it was very different from skating on real ice.

I’d like to use that as my excuse and not my age. But then I saw a young lady lace up her custom figure skates and hit the ice.  Celenia Sampson showed the crowd if you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t mater if it’s real or synthetic. Celinia coaches at the Ashburn Ice House. I may just have to get a few refresher lessons in before my parents pond freezes over again.

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