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New Realtor Association Directors Installed

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — A new set of directors will lead the Prince William Association of Realtors.

A total of 16 people will lead the Realtor Association made up of real estate agents, brokers, and property appraisers. The organization, known as PWAR, has about 2,000 members on its roll books.

At a special installation ceremony on Thursday, PWAR’s new leaders spoke of the importance of being educated about the home selling process, as well as the mortgage process, to provide a better value to home buyers.

“The Market has been very tough, a whole lot of different things have been happening …we’re trying to do everything we can through education programs to meet the needs of the Realtors,” said PWAR President J. Michael Hill, of Woodbridge. “Realtors are changing. We’re getting younger people in, we’re hearing different ideas. I’ve only been a Realtor for nine years and what I was doing when I started is totally different than what I am doing today.”

The new Board will have to help Realtors adapt to changes, many of which are coming by way of smart phones. More home contracts are being scanned and processed via email, and much of the communication is done in the field on a Smartphone.

Customers are also spending more time looking at houses online before they contact a Realtor. When they do, Hill says Realtors need to have the answers their clients are looking for.

“Every few weeks you’re going to have a different kind of sell, and some are done differently each time. If you don’t evolve, you’re going to be left behind,” said Hill.

The installation was held at PWAR’s offices just off Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge. A full service center for Realtors, PWAR’s offices feature classrooms for Realtor education as well as supply store selling marketing products.

The new Board of Directors include: 

President – J. Michael Hill

President-Elect – Terrylynn Harrell

Immediate Past President – Beverly Frowen

Vice Presidents – Guy Allen and George Charlton


Merlyn Banks

David Bridges

Bill Burke

Catherine Gillman, Affiliate Rep

Rich Juliano, Commercial Rep

Shane Keaton

Wayne Lee

Nouman Mirza

Fatima Pereira-Shepherd

Eric Williams

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