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Cuccinelli to Speak at Anti-Parkway Rally

MANASSAS, Va. — Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will speak to concerned residents about the proposed Bi-County Parkway on Saturday.

That announcement made by his campaign staff today comes as Cuccinelli is running for Governor of Virginia, and it leaves more questions than answers in his bid to replace Bob McDonnell. Questions about what will his appearance will mean to supporters and opponents of the 10-mile roadway that would link Prince William to Dulles Airport in Loudoun County, abound.

Cucinelli’s campaign stump is being billed as an anit-parkway rally by “Say No to the Tri-County Parkway,” a group that stands in opposition to the proposed roadway. In August, Cuccinelli said he supported the Bi-County Parkway as a transportation solution for an ever-congested Northern Virginia, but added “the current proposal on the table is unacceptable.”

According to the invitation, the rally is set to take place at the home of Page Snyder, an organizer for the “Say No…” group comprised of many residents who live inside Manassas Battlefield National Park. Many of them, like Snyder, live on Pageland Lane which would be closed if a parkway is built. The parkway could also mean the closure of two heavily-traveled commuter routes in the park, U.S. 29 and Va. 234.

Cuccinelli campaign spokeswoman Anna Nix did not say if Cuccinelli was going to make opposing the Bi-County Parkway central to his campaign message in Northern Virginia, or did she provide comment on whether or not the attorney general supports or opposes the road project.

The rally is scheduled to take place from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at 6312 Pageland Lane near Manassas.

If a Bi-County Parkway is built, it would connect Va. 234 Business (Prince William Parkway) at Interstate 66 to a newly constructed, limited access highway, that would carry traffic to and from Dulles Airport.

Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton said the Bi-County Parkway and Va. 234 between I-66 and I-95 in Dumfries would be used to carry “light” cargo to and from Dulles Airport.

Opponents of the highway fear the new road will bring an increase in truck traffic and noise to neighborhoods along Va. 234.


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