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Vote for the Top 10 Local Haunted Houses

One of my favorite seasons takes place every October. When I experience the seasonal changes that come with the fall I can’t help but to think of a new school year for students, pumpkin flavored everything, allergy medication, community fairs, car rides watching the fall foliage take over the landscape.

And, Jack Skellington.

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Director Tim Burton’s 1993 cult phenomenon sums up everything that I look for in my pursuit of the perfect local Haunted House/Maze experience.

— Stunning visual effects
— Dynamic cast of characters
— Deep rooted storyline
— Unforgettable soundtrack – the type you find yourself singing in the office while your co-worker looks in horror. 

I know I’m not by myself, since every year there seems to be thousands of people waiting their turn in line with me . Let’s hear it! What are your “Top 10 Local Haunted Houses/Mazes”?

Just email me:

— Name of the event and who is the organizer?
— What local charity is a benefactor (when applicable)
— Provide promotion flyer and event photos
— Brief explanation why your choice should be Top 10

We’ll have your full list published the week of October 6. 

Post Your Email Notices, Press Releases, Event Fliers, and Photos

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