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Apple Store Coming to Woodbridge?

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Could new Apple Store be headed for Woodbridge?

The website, MacRumors, suggests Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center is ripe for such a computer outlet, and judging by job postings on Apple’s website, they say a new store could open in the new mixed-use shopping center before Christmas.

The shopping center already boasts a Wegman’s grocery store, Orvis, REI, and a host of other stores and restaurants. It’s also home to several housing units, and a new Potomac Nationals Baseball stadium that could open as early as 2015.

Roadside Development, the company behind the retail project, told Potomac Local News in an email they had no comment about this story.

MacRumors also suggest new Apple Stores could also open this year in New Jersey and Utah.

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