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VRE Expanding Capacity by Lowering Amtrak Step-Up Fare

Virginia Railway Express is adding more capacity for riders via their Amtrak Step-Up ticket, the price of which will be lowered from $5 to $3 starting Friday.

The Step-Up fare allows would-be riders of Virginia Railway Express trains to instead board Amtrak trains that serve VRE riders. Those trains are listed on VRE schedules.

“It is another travel option and could potentially reduce crowding on some of our more popular trains,” said VRE CEO Doug Allen in a press release.

The Step-Up fare tickets are sold at VRE stations and in bulk from VRE off-site vendors.

More in a press release from VRE:

For passengers new to the VRE system, you can ride the Amtrak trains listed on VRE schedules by purchasing an Amtrak Step-Up ticket in conjunction with a properly validated VRE Monthly, Ten-Ride, Five-Day or TLC pass for a trip into Washington, DC. Because Amtrak trains do not stop at every VRE station, please make sure that your ultimate destination is serviced by the train you choose to board. Amtrak Step-Up tickets are available from any VRE vendor location, or from the Ticket Vending Machines located on each VRE station platform. These tickets are not available for purchase onboard the Amtrak trains.

Reductions in Step-Up fares come as the 95 Express Lanes Project is underway which, by 2014, will have converted the HOV lanes from Dumfries to the Capital Beltway to HOV/toll lanes and extend them south to Garrisonville Road in Stafford County.

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