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Gaslight Landing Restarts Construction


OCCOQUAN, Va. — Named after the quaint brick walkway and gaslights that line Occoquan’s Mill Street, Gaslight Landing is rebooting the stalled construction of their remaining river and roadside housing units.

“We started developing a few years back, and started with ten homes,” Mark Granville-Smith, co-owner of the development said.

The luxury development attracted a great deal of attention initially, with offers on the condos reaching $1.3 million. Plans to build more units were then stalled due to the economic downturn, leaving the lots vacant.

“The market went and took a downturn, so we simply held on tight until the point where the market has turned around where buyers are willing to pay in this price range,” Granville-Smith said.

Since the announcement was made that construction would resume, the project has sold all four spec units, ranging in price from $750,000 to $825,000. Ten more units will be built here.

Three remaining lots have been purchased, while seven will be put on the market.

“They’re under construction right now. I should be delivering waterfront units at the end of next spring and the last five units by the water by early summer,” said Granville-Smith.

These town homes are a far cry from others in the area. Each features its own elevator, views of the Occoqaun River, an underground parking garage, and they sit on a busy street filled with shopping, dining, and night life.

“This project took us almost a year to design the architecture, the Victorian architecture, which we spent in Occoquan going over the design phase. We’re just really thrilled about the project and that we’re able to build and finish it,” added Granville-Smith.


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