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Lions Clubs Sell Citrus for Holidays

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Two community organizations in Prince William County are selling fruit for the holidays.

First, the Dale City Lions Club has set up a produce stand in Woodbridge. Here’s a press release from the Dale City Lions Club:

Don’t want to gain weight this season? Keep plenty of fruit on hand to eat.

These guys have a whole truck full!

Come to the 1st Baptist Church of Woodbridge parking lot on Minnieville Road (across from Cowles Ford) and buy a case (or a 1/2 case or a bag) of Apples, Tangelos, Oranges or Grapefruit.

Sales benefit Dale City Lions’ many community causes.

The Lake Jackson Lions Club is also selling fruit:

The Lake Jackson Lions Club will be holding its annual citrus sale on December 6, 7, and 8 from noon until 5p.m., at LIONS Park / 13586 Dumfries Road.

Boxes ($29.00) or bags ($9.00) of navel oranges, tangelos, and grapefruits will be available.


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