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Chain Helps to Make Hot Senior Portrait

Mary Davidson

This photo project should only be attempted if you are an adult, and it’s important to use all necessary safety precautions. This article is not meant to be a how-to, but more of a sneak peek as to how it was done.

I won’t bore you with all the camera details if you aren’t in to photography like I am, but I will fill you in on the secret.

The ring of fire featured in the shot was made using fine steel wool stuffed in a whisk attached to a chain. It gives off ample sparks when it’s spun in the dark, and photographed using a slow shutter speed. The fire spinning was done by my assistant (husband) dressed completely in black and standing about 10 feet behind my subject.

I shot this for my nephew Patrick after he asked his aunt to help him create some innovative school portraits for his senior year in high school.


What cool picture can you take using these things?

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