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Find Nightmarish Fun at Fields of Fear

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — Not far from Interstate 66 and Centreville is a farm where scary creatures roam.

A country store that sells pumpkins, apple butter, and other fall treats greets visitors when they arrive, but it’s what’s in the nearby Fields of Fear that brings out chills and screams.

On this farm is Cornnighttmare; a twisted trail of haunts and lost souls trapped in a corn field at Cox Farms in Fairfax County. Once on this trail of terror, small sounds in the cornstalks reveal themselves as clowns with chainsaws who jump out at you, mummies rise from their tombs, and a seven-foot tall brown grizzly bear chases visitors out of a log cabin.

As the path meanders, visitors will find exits that allow for an early escape. But only the brave will walk to the end and be able to tell their tales of Halloween frights.

While it’s worth the entire $19 price of admission, Cornightmare is just one of several fall attractions at this family-friendly farm where, by day, children and their parents come to pick pumpkins. At night, actors dressed to fright fill the field and provide a good clean panic to those on the farm.

When not on the trail of terror, children and adults and grab a potato sack and slide down a large slide. There’s also a bonfire, cider, and plenty of candied treats to enjoy while inside the farm.

Basic dmission to Field of Fear is $13 and includes unlimited haunted hayrides, the slide, bonfire, and other attractions nearby. For an additional $6, Cornnightmare is included in the experience.

Cox Farms Fields of Fear is open 7:30 to 11 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night in October. Tickets can be purchased online and sometimes sell out.

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