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Occoquan Merchants Association Disbands

OCCOQUAN, Va. — The Occoquan Merchants Association is no more.

The group of small business owners in Occoquan was comprised small shop owners in the tiny riverside town. The group promoted ghost tours, the town’s farmers market, the holiday tree lighting, as well as the interests of about 20 small businesses in the town.

The ghost tours, farmers market, and a printed guide to the town once produced by the OMA will continue under new management.

“In recent years, it was noticed that the general membership’s interest in the organization had decreased due to the need to focus on their personal businesses in this struggling economy, and by vote of the entire current OMA membership, on Sept. 19th it was decided the organization would fold. The current members of the OMA are positive about the transition towards a new direction in town,” the organization told in statement.

The association also worked to inform visitors about Occoquan’s rich history, as well as a provide information on non-profit organizations in the area.

The association was made up of volunteers and had no full time support staff. 

The disbanding of the association comes as Occoquan is poised to welcome thousands to its annual fall craft fair this weekend.

“This is not a swan song for the Occoquan Merchants Association. The OMA was an integral part of the growth of this town, but like the old phrase says, ‘When one door closes, another door opens,” the OMA stated. 


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