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Students Invited to VDOT Career Fair

MANASSAS, Va. — The Virginia Department of Transportation’s Office of Civil Rights will host the 8th Annual Transportation Career for high school students on Oct. 4 at the Prince William Fairgrounds in Manassas from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Transportation: Your Ride to the Future!” is the theme.

The career fair exposes high school students to the rewarding and diverse careers in the transportation industry, including engineering, construction, architecture, environmental and technology.

Last year more than 900 students from high schools in Northern Virginia attended the event which hosted 68 exhibitors representing companies, associations and government agencies. More than 80 exhibitors will participate this year, and 1,200 students are expected to attend.

“Our goal is to show high school students first-hand that fulfilling career opportunities exist in transportation, construction and engineering along with a variety of support industries,” said Leslie Martin, VDOT Civil Rights Manager.

-Press release

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