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Stafford’s Stimpson Bids for Lt. Governor


STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — When attorney Ted Cruz won a runoff election in Texas, it caught the attention of Susan Stimpson.

Cruz had never held office, is a conservative, and is favored to be elected that state’s Lieutenant Governor in the upcoming November General Election.

Stimpson posted his story to her Facebook page where she does much of her communicating with the residents of Stafford County, whom she serves as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Today, she’ll use that same website to announce her run to become Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor in 2013.

“If you’re looking for a delegate or if you’re looking for a senator, I’m not your candidate. My campaign is all about grass roots. It’s all about the movement our country is facing right now, and Virginia bears this struggle right now of ‘what is the role of government’…my record of reform is what best positions me for Lieutenant Governor,” said Stimpson.

Her first term in elected office on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors began in 2010. She later ascended to the Chairman position in January following the exit of Delegate Mark Dudenhefer, R-Stafford, Woodbridge, who went to serve in the General Assembly.

With a small group of supporters behind her, Stimpson points to lower taxes and less government as her platform.

“Name the last tax cut that Richmond made. I believe that the reason that Stafford County is enjoying such prosperity is that we believe in the model of limited government, which includes lowering taxes, less of an a government administration, prioritizing funding, and economic development and letting the market flourish,” said Stimpson.

Stafford County has prospered over the years as more government contractors have filled spaces at the Quantico Corporate Center off Intestate 95. That has flooded county coffers with new revenues, which she said allowed for a reduction in residents’ property taxes.

The county is also the largest jurisdiction in the state without a tax on gross business receipts, and Stafford officials last night announced a $4 million budget surplus.

Stimpson said she’ll begin campaigning around the state immediately, and challenges lie ahead. It’s clear that many portions of the state do not have a Quantico Marine Corps Base as an economic draw.

In Southside and Southwest portions of the state where economic growth has been slow, and many residents receive government assistance, Stimpson said her message of lower taxes will play well there as, reforms would allow residents to put more money back into their homes and wallets.

The race for Lieutenant Governor has proved a pivotal one, as several Republicans have put their name in the hat to replace current Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, who’s expected to run for Virginia Governor. Delegate Scott Lingamfelter and Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart are also seeking the office.

The Lieutenant Governor candidate will be decided at a convention in Richmond in June, and voters will decide who will be the state’s next Governor and Lieutenant Governor in November 2013.

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