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In Stafford, Use a Bucket

STAFFORD, Va. – Voluntary outdoor water restrictions remain in effect for Stafford County. Because of the lack of significant rainfall, water demand is challenging the county’s capacity to treat and distribute water.

As a continued precautionary measure, officials are asking all water customers to voluntarily discontinue outdoor water usage. If it is necessary to water bushes, flowers, and other plantings, customers are asked to please use buckets of water to do so.

Voluntary outdoor water restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Water is primarily supplied by two reservoirs, Abel Lake and Smith Lake. Abel Lake Reservoir is located in central Stafford and is impounded by Abel Lake Dam, an earthen embankment.

Smith Lake Reservoir is located in northeastern Stafford on Aquia Creek and is impounded by Smith Lake, an earthen embankment with a roller-compacted concrete emergency spillway.

The combined safe yield is approximately 13.8 million gallons a day.

-Press release 

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