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Government Contractor Locates in Dumfries

DUMFRIES, Va. — Economic development officials in Dumfries reeled in a big fish.

Alaskan government contractor Bowhead will open a new facility next to Town Hall on July 18. The company will welcome locally-elected officials for a tour of their new facility, and President of Bowhead’s parent company, UIC, Anthony Edwardsen and UIC Board Chair Price Brower, will be at the opening. Both men hail from Barrow Alaska, according to company spokesman Jack Gaige.

Bowhead will serve their clients at Quantico Marine Corps Base and other government clients from their Dumfries office. The company holds multiple federal government contracts, according to their website.

For Dumfries Economic Development chief Debbi Sandlin, welcoming the company to the town is the culmination of months worth of work.

“This demonstrates the Town of Dumfries is able to successfully compete with our neighboring jurisdictions to attract the types of companies that will invest in the community by creating job opportunities, increase the visibility of the town as a place to locate and do business, and increase the tax base through their employees eating at local restaurants and shopping in local establishments,” said Sandlin.

In addition to Dumfries, neighboring Stafford County has been successful in luring several high-level government contractors to North Stafford because of its proximity to Quantico.


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