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Donated Water Helps Homeless Beat Heat

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — People, and dogs, benefit from the water passed out to homeless camps today in Woodbridge.

Since temperatures soared above the century mark Friday, volunteers at AfterShare distributed more than 20 cases of water and Gatorade to homeless campers in the wooded areas in and around Woodbridge.

One camp has at least 30 people living in 25 tents, while another has 15 people – men and women – living in 12 tents, said AfterShare Director Gayle Sanders.

The group is based out of the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center on U.S. 1, and recently thanked the American Guardians Motorcycle Club for purchasing water that was donated to the homeless camps.

Some of the water, as well as dog food, went to dogs that live at the camps.

“Animals benefit from the water, too, in this hot weather,” said Sanders.

Other items distributed to  the camps were bug spray, fly strips, and moist towelettes. 

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