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Hospital Boasts Baby Grand Piano

STAFFORD, Va. — A new baby grand piano greets patients and visitors of Stafford Hospital.

The musical instrument sits in the lobby and was purchased by the hospital’s auxiliary staff as a method of calming and soothing those who walk into the medical center, which sits in the heart of Stafford County. 

“As you walk into the hospital you will hear the sounds of the piano, it really supports the warm feel that we believe is important for our patients, family and associates,” said Stafford Hospital Senior VP Administrator Cathy Yablonski.

The top hospital official joined Stafford’s top elected official, Board of Supervisors Chairman Susan Stimpson, for a lunchtime chat on Facebook about services provided at the hospital.

The conversation also covered the hospital’s cancer screening services, and new prostate screenings that will soon be administered at the hospital.

Stafford Hospital opened in 2009 with 100 beds, an emergency room, screening, and testing facilities. Located in a growing area of Stafford County, the hospital is sandwiched between two other medical providers — Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center in Woodbridge, and Stafford Hospital’s parent hospital — Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg – both of which are owned by Mary Washington Healthcare.


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