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Woodbridge/ Lake Ridge Bus Gets New Route

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — New routing for the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink local bus service will take effect on June 4, helping area residents to more easily reach destinations including the SkillSource Center, which is a partner of the Virginia Employment Commission. The new routing along Minnieville, Caton Hill and Telegraph roads also will ease access for those who need to reach the Woodbridge Department of Motor Vehicles, Strayer University, an area dialysis center and shopping destinations including Target.

The Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, PRTC, updates its schedules twice annually – in the spring and fall – to reflect current running times and make other changes such as updating routing and relocating bus stops as necessary. This year’s Spring Service Change is scheduled for June 4.

On that date, PRTC also will make changes to the:

• Cross County Connector routing and timetables (connecting eastern Prince William County with the Manassas area);

• OmniLink local bus stops and timetables serving eastern Prince William County;

• OmniRide commuter bus stops and timetables; and

• Prince William Metro Direct timetable in the late evening (linking eastern Prince William County with the Franconia-Springfield Metro station.)

The new routing for the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink local bus is designed to make the service more convenient by bringing people closer to the places where they need to go.

Before June 4th, the nearest bus stop to the SkillSource Center and Strayer University, both of which are on Minnieville Road, was at Smoketown Plaza. The DMV and the dialysis center, both located on Caton Hill Road, did not have nearby bus stops.

The Parkway Crossing West Shopping Center, which features Target, and the Parkway Crossing East Shopping Center across Prince William Parkway near I-95 will also be more easily accessible because of the new Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink routing.

“PRTC has had numerous requests to bring the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink route closer to the SkillSource Center,” said PRTC Executive Director Al Harf. “While there are sometimes deserving requests that PRTC cannot accommodate for one reason or another, we routinely try and, in this instance, we were able to do so without a need for additional funding or the imposition of unintended delays for other customers, issues that are frequent stumbling blocks.”

A ribbon cutting to inaugurate service at the new SkillSource Center bus stop, at 13370 Minnieville Road, is scheduled for 11 a.m. June 4. The public is invited to attend.

New PRTC schedules will be available online starting Tuesday, May 29. Passengers also may get a new schedule by asking their bus operator or coming to the PRTC Transit Center in Woodbridge. For more information about the Spring Service Change, visit or call PRTC’s Customer Service Office at 703-730-6664.

-Press release

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