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Old Borders Now Used Bookstore

The old Borders Books on Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge is now 2nd and Charles books.

By Stephanie Tipple

Woodbridge, Va. — The one-time Borders location in Woodbridge off Prince William Parkway has been given new life. It’s been converted in a 2nd and Charles – a used book store chain based in the southeast U.S. with an eclectic assortment of merchandise.

This old Borders location is the only one that once belonged to the now-defunct book retailer that has been transformed in to a 2nd and Charles.

“There’s a big market for used books. There are lots of people, especially in this economy, who want to get books that are cheaper, that are perfectly fine – they’ve just been read before,” said general manager Kim Sarratt.

The current retail climate, families’ push for more conservative spending, and the local customer base made this a prime location for the company, said Sarratt.

Two managers and 15 former employees of Borders were also retained, which has made for an east transition for the new store and its customers.

While it may seem like large shoes to fill in the wake of the closing of all Border’s locations, Sarratt says there is a great demand for used books. And while 2nd and Charles puts a large focus on their used book selection, they make it a point to let customers know that they’re not just a book store.

They also carry movies, video games and vinyl comic books.

“We want an eclectic type of atmosphere, where people can come – we’re a destination place for people to come and find that rare treasure, as well as new stuff,” Sarratt said.

The store also has a buy-back and trading program for customers to trade in their books and video games, earning them cash or store credit for books. The store has been open a week and, thus far, they have already seen a positive level of sales from both new customers and former Border’s customers, said Sarratt.

The bookstore chain has five locations, with the Woodbridge store being the only one in Virginia. The company has plans expanding further at the start of the New Year.

A Borders store in Stafford Marketplace also closed this year. In October is was occupied by a Halloween costume store which has since closed for the season.

Stephanie Tipple is a contributing writer for

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