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NBC Doesn’t Like Jett, Olsen Sign

NBC demanded Stafford sheriff Charles E. Jett and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Eric Olsen to take down signs depicting the Law and Order TV show.

Stafford, Va. –– A campaign sign has drawn the ire of Hollywood producers.

A sign depicting Stafford sheriff’s Charles E. Jett and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Eric Olsen as dispensing law and order in the county popped up last week along Va. 610, at outside the courthouse. The campaign sign is not surprising as Jett is trying keep his elected sheriff’s position and Olsen aims to become Stafford’s top prosecutor.

But the sign used a copyrighted logo from NBC’s hit Law and Order TV show, and now producers of the show have sent a letter to both candidates demanding they stop using the logo, according to

The sign simply shows Jett as the law in Stafford and Olsen as order side of the equation. Since Olsen announced his candidacy earlier this year, the two have mutually supported each other.

Jett is running unopposed, but Olsen faces competition from defense lawyer Jason Pelt.

Voters will go to the polls tomorrow to decide which candidate, Olsen or Pelt who are both Republicans, they want on the ballot for the Nov. 8 General Election.

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