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K9s search North Stafford gas station

North Stafford, Va. –– Sheriff’s deputies swarmed a Sunoco gas station in North Stafford on Saturday night.

Officials about 10:30 p.m. offered no comment as to why they cordoned off the gas station’s parking lot with crime scene tape, or why K9 units were searching the rear of the building in front of onlookers.

“I saw [authorities] chasing someone…they were chasing them with their cars,” said a man in an adjacent plaza.
Four Stafford sheriff’s cars posted outside the Sunoco gas station, at 488 Garrisonville Road in North Stafford, and a handful of deputies questioned two men who appeared to have at least witnesses an apparent incident that took place at the gas station just moments before deputies arrived.

“I was inside, in the bathroom talking on my cell phone. When I came out, the police were here,” said one man who standing in the gas station’s parking lot, after he had been questioned by deputies.

The man then went back inside the gas station at the request of a sheriff’s deputy.

With the exception of the two men and investigators, the interior of the gas station – which includes a food store and a Subway restaurant – appeared to have no one else inside.
During the questioning, other Stafford sheriff’s deputies’ cars could be seen patrolling a neighborhood behind the building.

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