Young Woodbridge man charged for sexual assault of a minor

On June 5, Prince11070278_860426230673478_1961852575752473744_n William police responded to a call for a sexual assault incident that took place on Stevens Road in Woodbridge in May.

According to Prince William police, the victim – a 14-year old female – was sexually assaulted by a known acquaintance – 19-year old Bryan Velazquez Vazquez – when she was visiting him at the residence.

Following the investigation, officers from the Special Victims unit located Velazquez Vazquez and arrested him. 

Velazquez Vazquez is being charged with carnal knowledge of a child.

Jeremy McPike wins Democratic nomination for 29th senate district


Jeremy McPike was the winner in last night’s primary for Virginia’s 29th district Senate seat.

The seat, currently being vacated by retiring Senator Chuck Colgan, is considered one of the most important in the 2015 election cycle.

McPike faced off with two other Democratic candidates last night – Atif Qarni and Michael Futrell – winning with 43.23% of the vote, according to the State Board of Elections.

091513 project election flier logoQarni followed with 36.11% and Futrell with 20.66%.

“I’m simply humbled by the support I’ve received tonight. This race now is about uniting us as Democrats…What matters is that [areas in the] district get their fair share and we dig in and start to make real progress…this is about our neighborhoods, our schools, results and innovation. This is about offering new leadership in our area,” said McPike.

McPike, an employee for the City of Alexandria and a volunteer firefighter, is already moving ahead with issues he feels are key for the general election.

Among his platforms, McPike stated that education funding, Medicaid expansion and healthcare coverage, transportation solutions and protection for seniors would be priority.

For the general election, McPike will be running against Republican nominee and current Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish.

“I feel very confident,” said McPike about running against Parrish.

Dudenhefer wins Prince William, Stafford in effort to retake seat

Mark Dudenhefer won both Prince William and Stafford counties in his Primary bid to be the Republican nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates seat in the second district.

Dudenhefer easily beat opponent Republican Tim Ciampaglio in Stafford by nearly 20 points. In Prince William, it was 13 points. It’s a better showing for Dudenehfer who two years ago lost Prince William County by 32 points to Democrat Micheal Futrell.

But Tuesday’s election was a primary, and now Dudenhefer must look ahead to November’s General Election. Right now, it’s unclear which Democrat he will face in the race after current candidate Rod Hall told party leaders he will drop out of the race.

That could make way for Futrell to step up once again and run for the seat after his loss on Tuesday to Jeremy McPike, a Democrat who won the nomination to for the 29th district Senate seat in Prince William County to replace the long-serving Chuck Colgan.

Futrell on Monday told Potomac Local he was focused on Tuesday’s Primary Election and did not want to make any predictions for what would happen afterward.

Still, Dudenehfer plans to campaign on a key issue — one he’s talked about since he was first elected to the Stafford County Board of Supervisors 10 years ago: Transportation.

“We’re never going to stop talking about transportation,” said Dudenhefer, who lost his daughter in a crash on a winding two-lane road in Stafford prior to his election to the board of supervisors.

The retired Marine colonel was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2013. During that time, he worked with Stafford officials — namely Cord Sterling, who was on the Commonwealth Transportation Board at the time — to secure funding for a massive, new highway interchange at Courthouse Road in Stafford. When you’re looking at a map of the old project, think Springfiled Interchange, Jr.

While out of office, Dudenhefer was critical of Futrell and Gov. Terry McAulliffe while money that had been allocated for the project was placed in a lockbox and the project under review by the Commonwealth Transportation Board — a governing body in Richmond on which Cord Sterling no sits.

With less funding available, the project has been scaled down. But Dudenhefer pledges to fight to restore it, as well as focus on other area roads. During his first term in the General Assembly, he also pushed for a study to extend Metro to Prince William County. He was also supportive of then Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s successful effort to raise state sales taxes to garner more money for transportation projects.

Jobs will also be a key issue for the Republican.

“We’ve managed to stay above the real bottom of the recession, but we can very easily see some declines in employment in our area if the defense department continues to cut back the number of jobs,” said Dudenhefer.

Diversifying the region’s workforce away from its sharp focus on federal government jobs will be key to job growth in the area, he said.

Wendy Maurer is the Republican nominee in Stafford Rock Hill District

Wendy Maurer is the Republican nominee for the Rock Hill District of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.

Maurer, a Quantico businesswoman, beat out challenger Adela Bertoldi by eight points in the race.

Maurer attributed her win to the support of her family and her community.

As she prepares to face two independent candidates in November, she will focus on better schools and better development are two main issues campaign issues.

“We need to make sure we fund our schools to have teachers available to teach our children,” said Maurer.

Stafford schools cut 55 teachers from the school division last year, said Maurer. She said it’s up to the Board of Supervisors to work hand in hand with the school board to ensure schools are properly funded.

Maurer says she will work to attract more businesses to the county — something the county has already had great success in doing — but adds the Rock Hill District doesn’t have the necessary road infrastructure needed for the development of new homes.

Maurer says she will make updating the county’s comprehensive plan a priority to control growth in the area.

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Prince William & Stafford

State Senate – 29th district

Michael Futrell (D): 20.66%
Jeremy McPike (D): 43.23%
Atif Qarni (D): 36.11%
Winner: Jeremy McPike

Virginia House of Delegates – 2nd district

Mark Dudenhefer (R): 59.48%
Tim Ciampaglio (R): 40.52%
Winner: Mark Dudenhefer

Virginia House of Delegates – 28th district

Susan Stimpson (R): 37.92%
Bill Howell (R): 62.08%
Winner: Bill Howell

Prince William Board of Supervisors – Potomac district 

Andrea Bailey (D): 66.73%
Derrick Wood (D): 33.27 %
Winner: Andrea Bailey (93% precincts reporting) 

Stafford Board of Supervisors – Rock Hill district

Wendy Maurer (R): 53.97%
Adela Bertoldi (R): 46.03%
Winner: Wendy Maurer 

Stafford Clerk of the Court

Darrell English (R): 37.57%
Jim Fry (R): 11.7%
Kathy Sterne (R): 50.73%
Winner: Kathy Sterne

Stafford Commonwealth’s Attorney

Eric Olsen (R): 59.08%
Jason Pelt (R): 40.92%
Winner: Eric Olsen 

Republican nominee Chapman endorses Campaglio in delegate race


It’s a leader’s job to lead. I decided to run for supervisor primarily because my hometown of Woodbridge lacked leadership and direction. A supervisor’s job is not in a bubble, in order to move Woodbridge forward with real results our supervisor must be able to think outside the box and work with all our representatives in all parties local, state and federal.

Being a local small business owner for over 20 years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. The most successful hires have been people who brought passion, a track record of struggle and success and dedicated hard work. Next Tuesday, June 9, Woodbridge (waterside of Route 1) has an opportunity to hire a new delegate to represent our best interests in Richmond. We have only one great choice for Woodbridge and that is Tim Ciampaglio.

I won my race in April by nearly two to one because I knocked on your door; I listened to your concerns and began to lay the groundwork to bring Woodbridge together. Tim has done the same thing. Before I met him, I saw his information left behind at people’s homes I was knocking. When I would go to local businesses, his signs were already there. I could tell Tim deeply cares about the opinions and concerns of my people here in Woodbridge. And that is the type of representation we can work with, deserve and need in Richmond. For too long Woodbridge has been forgotten and neglected, there is no other reason to explain why we’re in the shape we are other than that.

I have committed myself to rolling up my sleeves, doing the hard work beautify and reinvigorate the pride we have in Woodbridge; I can trust Tim Ciampaglio to stand by my side. It’s an uphill battle as his opponent previously held the seat then lost it by his own admission because he ignored Woodbridge.

With any election it’s difficult to know who to trust, so much information is put out. I’d say trust the guy who cared enough to knock on your door, who listened, who you’ve talked to, the one who is accessible; you’ve looked in his eye and heard his vision for our hometown. The man in this race is Tim Ciampaglio. I encourage you to visit his website to learn more.

Steve Chapman won an April, 2015 firehouse primary vote in Prince William County to become the GOP nominee to run against sitting Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank Principi, a Democrat.

‘Service above self’ – why to join the Woodbridge Rotary

1016323_10151411098726222_197366489_nThere are many Rotary club organizations around the world, but according to members of the Woodbridge Rotary, there are several reasons why their group stands out.

According to Mark Worrilow – a long time Woodbridge Rotary member – one needs to really understand the Rotary’s “service above self” motto, in order to understand the value of the group.

“A lot of people look at Rotary, and the first thing they think of is – business – will I get business out of it. And that’s completely 180 degrees around on why you join Rotary. You join Rotary because you want to be a constructive and contributing member to the betterment of society,” said Worrilow.

Worrilow also stated that the friendships he’s made during his time in Rotary have been invaluable.

“The reason to join Rotary is to have the comradery – at least with our club – I have just an infinite number of people here, and to do something to make our environment – as far as the community is concerned – better,” Worrilow commented.

In addition to the service projects that the group does year-round, the Woodbridge Rotary is hosting two big fundraisers in the coming months.

The first is their 11th annual Joe Devaney Memorial Golf Tournament at the Old Hickory Golf Club on June 19.

“This our 11th year…in the last 10 years we’ve raised over $80,000 and pretty much every cent of it has been given away to charity,” said Worrilow.

While the event is meant to be a fundraiser, Worrilow also said that overall it’s just a great community outing.

“It’s a great fundraiser, but it’s also a fun-raiser – we have a lot of fun more than anything. We get a great deal of participation from our club members, and a lot of participation from the community,” commented Worrilow.

The other upcoming fundraiser for the Woodbridge Rotary is the Chips for Charity event. It is an annual casino-night fundraiser that takes place each fall.

And the group will be hosting a special anniversary celebration this year.

“We’re actually coming up on our 50th anniversary of the club – that’s going to be in October. So we’re not only going to do something to celebrate and fun for us, but we’re also going to do a service project or two,” said Worrilow.

*This post was sponsored by Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire.

Woodbridge Salvation Army needs food donations this summer


The Salvation Army in Woodbridge needs a little help from the community.

According to Captain George Hackbarth, who runs the location on Old Bridge Road, there is a great need for food items and assistance for residents in need during the summer months.

The Salvation Army has a food pantry that is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but these days their shelves are pretty bare.

While some think that the winter months or holiday time are when residents are most in need, Hackbarth stated that is not always the case.

“What happens in the summertime, is a lot of times the kids aren’t at school, so they don’t get lunch or breakfast, so there’s a greater need for people that need food during the summer months,” said Hackbarth.

The food pantry currently has a shortage of several canned goods and other food items.

“[We need] canned goods, dry goods or meats and vegetables. We have a freezer for the meat and we like to give out fresh vegetables when we can…anything that people would like to donate [would help],” Hackbarth commented.

But food donations are not the only way that the community can provide assistance to residents this summer.

“We always need help with utilities and rent. In the summer time, when people start turning on the air conditioning, they usually need assistance. We help people Monday through Friday, but when our funding is gone, we’re not able to help people. The funding for each month is usually gone in a week,” Hackbarth said.

Individuals that want to drop off donations can do so at their location on 1483 Old Bridge Road, Suite 102. Hackbarth stated that all donors can receive a tax-deductible receipt.

3 arrested after car smashed, fight, in Woodbridge parking lot

On the evening of June 4, Prince William police responded to Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge to investigate a fight.

During the investigation, officers found that two individuals – 49-year old Jasper Bates and 32-year old Franchesca Jackson – saw and confronted 30-year old Marques Burke, said Prince William police.

Burke was in his vehicle in the parking lot at the time.

During the incident, Bates threw a large landscaping rock at Burke’s vehicle. The rock shattered the rear window and almost hit a 6-year old boy who was in the vehicle, stated Prince William police.

A physical altercation took place between Bates and Burke, and Burke picked up a rock and hit Bates in the head, where he fell unconscious, according to Prince William police.

After this, Jackson approached Burke and began assaulting him, said Prince William police.

Prince William police stated that Burke left the scene before officers arrived.

There were minor injuries.

Bates is being charged with attempted malicious wounding, throwing [objects] at an occupied vehicle, destruction of property and disorderly conduct. Burke is being charged with malicious wounding. Jackson is being charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Bailey is a genuine, caring leader


Andrea’s expertise dealing with local Businesses and taxpayer funds, to gaining the trust of Prince William County schools and residents, there is no doubt that the responsibility of District Supervisor requires a great deal of time and responsibility. Fortunately, Democratic candidate for Potomac District Supervisor- Andrea Bailey- has the qualifications and skills necessary to meet that challenge.

Andrea Bailey fulfills each and every characteristic of a productive, innovative citizen. She is a genuine caring leader who has a proven record in the community.  With twenty years of veteran experience in business development, operational management, customer service, and human resource management, Andrea Bailey has the necessary communication and leadership skills it takes to successfully be the District Supervisor.

Beyond these many successes, Andrea is a compassionate mother, wife of thirty-nine years to a retired Marine Corps officer and ordained minister, and caregiver to her mother.  While working for Andrea, I’ve observed how she is capable to take on numerous roles and tasks while simultaneously, positively effecting people’s lives.

As a woman of action, Andrea Bailey has shown her passion for learning by coordinating with GSA and the PTSO chair in donating three Prince William County school’s free laptops and computers to help aid with their educational experience. Andrea believes that an improved education is an opportunity to bring great change to Prince William County and continues to express her concern through volunteer work and coordinating with those willing to help reach this goal.  Additionally, she has a true passion to assist the disenfranchise (homeless) and to eradicate the ten “TENT CITIES” in Prince Williams County.

We look forward to Andrea winning the election on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 and on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

*Morgan is the campaign manager for Andrea Bailey’s campaign.

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