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Occoquan sign knocked down


From Occoquan Mayor Liz Quist:

Intersection of Washington and Commerce Streets. I found it at 3:15 yesterday afternoon while on a walk with my husband.

One resident reported that it was still standing at 3 pm, but an employee of a local business thinks it was downed Saturday night.

We were able to move it out of the roadway with the help of two passing motorcyclists.

Poll: What is your 2017 New Year’s Resolution?

This poll has ended.

Your resolution not listed in the poll? List it in the comments.

Recycle your Christmas Tree in Prince William County

christmas tree grinding


After all the holiday festivities are over and the finery has lost its luster give your Christmas tree, wreath and other cut greenery another life as compost, mulch or habitat. Simply remove all ornaments, decorations, tinsel, nails and the tree stand and take the greenery to one of locations listed below to be recycled or repurposed.  

The Prince William County Landfill at 14811 Dumfries Road in Manassas.  Monday – Saturday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  The facility is closed New Year’s Day. 703-792-4670

The Balls Ford Road Compost Facility located at 13000 Balls Ford Road in Manassas. Monday – Saturday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  The facility is closed New Year’s Day. 703-792-4670

Leesylvania State Park located at 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive in Woodbridge (off Neabsco Road). Trees may be dropped off at Shelter 2 and will be used for habitat.

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) located at 5399 Wellington Branch Road in Gainesville.  Dec. 26 – Jan. 9.  The drop off area is located in the front parking lot in the area outlined with the orange safety cones.  NOVEC will deliver the wood-chip mulch to interested customer-owners at no charge, visit

Christmas Eve pizza thief hits Manassas delivery driver

From Manassas police 


At approximately 8:25 p.m. on Dec. 24, 2016, Manassas City Police was dispatched to Domino’s Pizza, located at 10175 Hastings Dr, for a report of a robbery that had just occurred. The reporting party told officers that she was delivering a pizza to an address on the 10300 block of Flowerree Ln when the resident who answered the door informed her no one at the residence had called in an order. When the victim returned to her vehicle, an unknown male approached, displayed a black and silver handgun, and demanded pizzas and money. When the victim refused to comply, the suspect reached across her into the passenger seat and stole a pizza before fleeing on foot north on Flowerree Ln past Winterset Dr.

Description of Suspect: Black male, early 20s, medium build, approximately 6’1”, wearing a ski mask, jeans, black hoodie, and black jacket

‘Instead of giving us money,…provide land needed to build new schools’

Lillie Jessie, of Lake Ridge, will run to represent the Board’s Occoquan District. She greeted the public as a candidate for the first time Sunday, July 15, 2012. (Photo: Uriah Kiser/

Rarely does either of us (Lillie Jessie and Loree Williams) write about School Board matters but this constant misleading impression that certain members of the Prince William County School Board (SB) are turning away money offered to reduce overcrowding of our schools by the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) has forced us to speak out.

The fact is, Mrs. Jenine Lawson, of the Brentsville District and Mr. Pete Candland, of the Gainsville District have decided to give the school system approximately $21,000,000 million of your taxpayers’ money but only if $10.6 million of it is used to help fund a redesigned of the new 13th high school in Mrs. Lawson’s district. The cost of this newly redesigned school would be $160 million. By the way, this does not include millions of dollars in operating cost.

Keep in mind that it was at the request of Mr. Gil Trenum that the original design for the Battlefield model was granted by the SB, a design he and Mrs. Lawson now no longer want. They and their constituents now preferred the Patriot Model. 

Since Mr. Trenum was unable to bring the Patriot Model back to the floor for a vote (Roberts Rule of Order), he came back to the board with a new design called the “Hybrid” which was the Patriot in disguise

Mrs. Satterwhite, of the Gainsville district, cited research that children learned better in schools that had light and windows. That rationale was difficult to defend when Mrs. Jessie reminded her that the two local high schools that achieved a national ranking, Osbourn Park, and Battlefield, had few windows and that one of this was, in fact, the Battlefield design they no longer wanted

Their agenda item failed to get the votes needed for the second time. This time they also cited overcrowding as an issue and renamed the same $160,000,000 model the “PRICE” model (same Patriot Model in disguise).

Since according to Roberts Rules neither Mr. Trenun nor Mrs. Satterwhite could bring this vote up again, a newly elected board member Mr. Willie Deutsch was enlisted to try a third time. Again they used overcrowding as a concern and that per pupil this $160 million school was inexpensive. This third attempt failed to pass also.

They have now found themselves out of options at the school board level and are trying to acquire a new vote for the same agenda item under the BOCS. This time the disguise is “We want to reduce overcrowding county-wide…Give us our redesign; we will pay for the additional debt service cost and in return, we will give you $10.6 million as a goodwill gesture…but only if we get what we want.” This is now the “fourth attempt.

First and foremost, you the public taxpayers, need to know that the cost for this school has skyrocketed because of delays and actions by Mrs. Lawson. This school is not scheduled to be completed until 2021 because of the following delays:

The first delay took place when Mrs. Lawson replaced Mr. Covington on the BOCS. The delay made sense since she needed time to get acclimated.

The next delays came as a result of Mrs. Lawson because she did not like the proffered deal from Stonehaven. The continued negotiations dragged on and on until Stonehaven pull its offer off the table. This resulted in a loss of revenue for the land, roads, and sewage. We lost approximately $50 million.

The above loss combined with inflation resulted in the cost for the school skyrocketing from $125,000,000 to $160 million. Millions of dollars (double digit) in operating cost is not a part of this.

Keep in mind several members of the BOCS, were appalled at the cost of Colgan High School ($110 million). They even discuss the cost of a $125,000 Steinway piano. 

They, and certain SB members, especially, Mr. Willie Deutsh, expressed outrage when the cost to update George Hampton Middle was approximately $500,000. Never mind that Dr. Hampton settled for an old school, allowing the new school to be named after Kyle Wilson at the cost of $28 million.


Million dollar winning lotto ticket sold in Manassas

From the Virginia Lottery: 

The winning numbers have been drawn in Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle. The question now is: Who has those three $1 million winning tickets?

The $1 million winners are:

Ticket #103271 (bought at 7-Eleven, 6865 Wellington Road, Manassas)

Ticket #111002 (bought at 7-Eleven, 4601 West Broad Street, Richmond)

Ticket #283611 (bought at Speedway, 3732 Campbell Avenue, Lynchburg)


Six additional tickets each won $25,000. Those winning tickets are:

Ticket #064773 (bought at Quik-E Foods, 73 Campbell Highway, Rustburg)

Ticket #130337 (bought at Harris Teeter, 159 Community Drive, Charlottesville)

Ticket #131727 (bought at Super Shin, 3962 George Washington Mem. Hwy., Yorktown)

Ticket #224087 (bought at 7-Eleven, 779 Madison Road, Culpeper)

Ticket #283906 (bought at Goldy’s, 4024 West Broad Street, Richmond)

Ticket #306952 (bought at Food Lion, 5227 Waterway Drive, Dumfries)

We’re making a list of 5K runs/walks in Prince William County

Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center, run, 5k

It’s that time of year when many make resolutions to get fit, stay healthy, and adopt new habits.

With those resolutions come the inevitable task of exercise. We thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the recurring 5K runs and walks in Prince William County.

We’re asking you to contribute to this list of regular runs and walks so we can create a guide for the region, and so you can plan for your next race.

Once we develop the list, we’ll add some feature to where the race organizers can choose to buy a sponsored link to improve awareness of their event (and to support our local news mission!) but, for now, we just want to know where the runs/walks are so we can build a useful page for our readers..

Please send us your details via email


Happy New Year, and good luck with your resolutions!


Here’s the list

Colgan family: It’s ‘a matter of days if not hours’

From Tim Colgan: 

… the Doctors have told us it is a matter of days if not hours.

My Dad continues to cling to life but hasn’t been awake … in a couple days. Thank You all for the message, memories and prayers. The Doctors are managing his pain. The Adler Center in Aldie is a tremendous care facility for end of life process. We cannot thank them enough for the dignified, kind and caring manner in which they have aided him and us through this process. May God Bless everyone at Capitol Hospice, the Adler Center and all of you.

Over the last year and a half my Dad has been on a victory lap of sorts. The naming of the High School in PWC in Dad’s honor was amazing and timely he simply loves that school. Dad would have us drive him down to the school to check on things pretty often. I think he was afraid it was a dream or the school board would change its mind. He just could not get over the fact that a Man who was orphaned at 5 and raised during the Great Depression could have a school named after him. He would say to us not to bad for a boy from Garrett County, MD.

Dad accomplished much in his life but his life in the Virginia Senate would never have been possible without the friends from Westgate, And Sudley who encouraged him to run in 1975. These same people and many others would show up every 4 years to work on his re-election. We thank you and may God Bless you for your kindness.

My Dad had his funeral planned completely out right down to every song, speakers. We are honoring his every wish as we always have.

‘What should go here’ in Woodbridge post from 2012 revisited

042312 Old Burger King U.S. 1

I was scrolling through old Facebook posts searching for a photo to use for the obituary for longtime Manassas journalist Bennie Scarton Jr. when I stumbled upon a post from 2012.

I drove down Route 1 in Woodbridge and took some photos of brown spots in the area and asked readers to tell us “what should go here?” The particular location in this post is on the southbound side of Route 1, just south of Maurumsco Plaza and Prince William Parkway. 

I drove by the same spot last week and noticed it was still empty. So, four years later, what should go here?