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Popular ‘Attack the Fat Challenge’ starts Monday at Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center

Do you know about the Attack the Fat Challenge? It’s one of the most popular, effective, and fun weight-loss programs at the Freedom Aquatics and Fitness Center
It’s open to anyone, at any fitness level.
Robin Frey is a fitness program coordinator, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and the director of Freedom Attack the Fat Challenge at Freedom Aquatics and Fitness Center in Manassas. We spoke with her to get the 


What is the Attack The Fat Challenge?

“It’s more of a full spectrum weight loss program and it runs for eight weeks…it’s based on focusing on weight loss but the overall effort that we do is that we want to promote and create lifestyle changes, not just during the eight weeks. For most people it’s just the starting point. A lot of people do it repeatedly because it works for them…and depending on the amount of weight they wish to lose, it may not happen in eight weeks.”   
What do participants do while in Attack The Fat Challenge? 
“Well actually the whole concept is they do train…and it’s based on percentage of weight loss…we make it a challenge so that it has some competitive edge to it but the overall focus is just to create a balance of accountability…to continue with fitness efforts for health, not necessarily for fitness. In other words, this is based on health and wellness, getting people appropriate nutrition and just trying to create a consistent effort with lifestyle change, it’s long term.”
 How much does the program cost?
“It [the program] breaks down to 20 dollars a session and the total cost is $480 but you’re getting 24 sessions, 24 full one-hour sessions…then in addition to that they get the support through nutrition tips and guidance…and body composition testing as well.” Frey also mentioned that there is an additional cost to non-members of the Freedom Center. 
 Attack-the-Fat-2015-flyer-791x1024How long does the challenge last? 
“Participants train three days a week with a trainer so it’s three one-hour sessions so they’re basically getting 24 training sessions as a group within that eight weeks, three times a week. In addition to that support that we offer is through our smart lab for evidence based testing for body composition or those types of things and also we do weekly weigh-ins”.
Is the Attack The Fat Challenge a seasonal program? 
“It’s twice a year, typically we do it  in February, March and then again in September.”
Is it too late to sign up? 
“The Attack The Fat Challenge  starts on Monday, Feb. 2. Registration does require you to be registered prior to the program but we work with people as well.”
Why did Frey get involved with the Attack The Fat Challenge?
“Well I started it, actually it’s been six years running now. I just felt that there was a need here at the Freedom Center to create programming in small groups that could be something that could bring more of an effort of accountability to each other, that tends to help. People can do training all the time but when they have other people depending on them to be part of their team, their group, it’s very successful. The success rate is much higher as far as them making the sessions, having to be responsible for that weekly weigh-in and then they bond and create groups that continue to train after that. We just didn’t have anything happening here in that capacity in programming.”
How does the Attack The Fat Challenge stand apart from similar programs?
“We were probably the original in this area. I know other facilities have programs similar to what we do, it’s a basic concept of accountability, through training, weigh-ins, and nutrition information…it’s just been very, very successful for us here. This our sixth year I believe, might even be longer. It tends to work. We provide a variety of workouts through different types of training. We may have them in the pool, TRX suspension training, circuit training, functional core…in other words we do a little bit of everything that we offer here…within those 24 sessions they’re getting a very large variety of different modalities of training.”
Why do people sign up?
Participants will] form groups and become friends and bond in that respect and want to continue to do it again, that kind of thing….plus we’ve had people that have lost over 100 pounds…it’s been very effective overall.” 

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Virginia authorities search for missing teen who may be headed to Florida

Virginia State Police say a 16-year-old girl is missing and that she appears to be in danger of sexual abuse.

Here’s more in a police press release: 







Woodbridge Army reservist recovering after attack by Norfolk police dog


London Colvin, a 21-year old private in the Army Reserve is recovering from injuries she suffered when attacked by a Norfolk Police dog.

Colvin was at the scene of a fight 2:15 a.m. Sunday, at an off-campus party near Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, where Colvin is a second-semester junior and Sociology major.

Colvin graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School in 2011. She is currently a private with the 3rd Brigade, 318th Regiment and 78th Training Division, based at Fort Belvoir.

“She was at a party off campus. She said that a fight broke out, and she had nothing to do with the fight. She did say she was at the party, and her and her friends were leaving,” said Whitney Dunn, the victim’s cousin. “She was definitely being loud – she did admit to that.”

She told her family that one of the police officers approached her as she was leaving the party to question her, said Whitney Dunn. She also told her family that she had nothing to do with the situation, so she didn’t want to talk to the officer, Whitney Dunn added.

“Her and her friends continued to walk, and she said that she definitely continued to be loud, however they were walking away. The two other police officers approached her – asked her to stop. Whatever the case may be, they had her down on the ground when the dog came. Two of the police officers restrained her on the ground, and then they allowed the dogs to attack her,” Whitney Dunn said.

London Colvin did not speak with Potomac Local about what happened that night, but did tell us she is seeking legal counsel and has been advised not to make any statements about the incident.

According to the Norfolk police spokesman Daniel Hudson, having a police canine at the scene is standard protocol for incidents with large groups of people.

“We responded to a massive fight that happened in the street. Apparently there was a call for about 35 individuals who were partaking in a physical fight in the middle of the street. And once we have that multitude of people, we always have our canine officers respond out there with us for crowd management,” Hudson said.

Hudson went on to state that the reason the police canine was allowed to approach Colvin was to keep the crowd under control and protect other witnesses at the incident. Keep Reading…

Come see the Capitol Steps at Hylton Arts Center & help Cecily replace the asbestos-laden siding on her home

When Cecily was in her 20’s she immigrated to the U.S. from Nicaragua.

capitol stepsTaking a job at Home Depot in Springfield, Cecily met her future husband, Eddy, who had emigrated from Palau. Cecily and Eddy married in 2008 and now share their Woodbridge home with their two children, Cecily’s mother, and grandmother.

A tight-knit family, everyone pitches in to help. Cecily operates a daycare from her home while also attending school at Northern Virginia Community College.

Cecily’s mom is a certified nursing assistant with a job in Washington, D.C. Eddy continues to work at Home Depot and he and Cecily’s mom and grandmother all help care for the children, too.

Habitat for Humanity Prince William County is looking forward to giving this hard working family a hand up with much-needed critical home repairs that will make their home safer, more comfortable and affordable.

Habitat for Humanity will replace the boiler that is original to the home, replace asbestos siding from three sides of the exterior and replace non-functional windows throughout the home. The deck must be rebuilt for safety. And the home will be weatherized for energy efficiency.

Habitat for Humanity thanks you for your support of the Capitol Steps event and welcomes you to join them on their work sites as a volunteer!

To learn more, visit Habitat for Humanity’s website at habitatpwc.org.

Mark your calendars for Laughs & Love benefit February 21 at 7 p.m. at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. Not only are we having the hilarious Capitol Steps come to the beautiful Hylton Center, but our Rotary Club has proudly partnered with Casa, Habitat for Humanity, Rainbow Center Therapeutic Riding, Calling All Souls and Transitional Housing Barn as the beneficiaries this year.

The goal?

By selling out the 1,200 seats at the Hylton, we will raise $50,000. All proceeds raised will go directly to organizations that are on the front lines helping care for, encourage, lift spirits, give hope and opportunity to our struggling neighbors. These organizations are the unsung heroes in our community whose compassion makes our community a place we can be proud of.

They cannot do it alone!

To order tickets go to Hyltoncenter.org or call 1-888-945-2468. If you or your business would like to sponsor the event, please contact Steve Chapman, steve@washmydeck.com by Feb 10.

The preceding post was sponsored by Rotary Club of Bull Run.

Police see pot in plain view, search Manassas area home

A man from Stafford told police he was paid money to leave a party at apartment near Manassas. When he left, the man said someone confronted him and demanded his money back, police said.

That man ended up in a hospital, and police who came to the apartment ended up spotting marijuana and then searched the place.

Here’s the full incident report from Prince William police:

Malicious Wounding | Strong Armed Robbery – On January 24th at 4:56AM, officers responded to a residence located in the 7200 block of Manassas (20111) to investigate a robbery. The victim, a 21 year old man of Stafford, reported to police that he was attending a party at an apartment in the above area with two other known acquaintances when the group was asked to leave by the resident, later identified as the accused. The accused gave the victim money to leave which the victim took and voluntarily left without issue.

The victim and the two acquaintances, returned to their vehicle in the parking lot when the accused confronted them. During the encounter, the accused repeatedly struck the victim in the face and demanded his money back. The accused eventually took the original money and other money belonging to the victim before returning to the apartment. The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Officers made contact at the apartment and located the accused. While speaking to the accused, officers observed marijuana in plain view. A search warrant was obtained and subsequently executed. As a result of the search, money, marijuana and other suspected narcotics were recovered. Following the investigation, the accused was arrested.

Arrested on January 24th:

Messiah Thor KWAK, 22, of 7231 Royal Fern Cir, #303 in Manassas

Charged with 1 count of malicious wounding, 1 count of robbery, 2 counts ofpossession with intent to distribute a scheduled I or II narcotic and 1 count ofpossession with intent to distribute marijuana

Court date: March 25, 2015 | Bond: unavailable

Montclair mailbox smashers busted, police say

{Police said they nabbed two people responsible for a series of mailbox smashings in Prince William County’s Montclair neighborhood.

Here’s the latest from police: 

Since the beginning of December, the Prince William County police department has received numerous calls regarding the destruction of mailboxes in the Montclair section of Dumfries. These destruction cases ranged from pulling the mailboxes up from the ground to throwing objects at them and even to destroying the mailboxes altogether. In all, approximately 45 cases were reported to police with damage estimated around $2,500.

On January 24th at 1:00AM, officers responded to the 15800 block of Marlington Dr to investigate a report of damage to mailboxes in the area. Through the investigation, officers developed a possible suspect vehicle involved in the incident. Officers eventually located that vehicle in the area and identified its occupants as an adult male and a juvenile male, both of the Montclair area.

Detectives subsequently interviewed the suspects and connected them to the rash of vandalism incidents in the Montclair area over the past two months. Both suspects have each been charged with 2 counts of destruction of property and, through an agreement with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, restitution will be sought in all reported cases.


Damien Joseph LYNCH, 19, of 15578 Winding Creek Dr in Dumfries

Court date: March 3, 2015 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond

A 17 year old male juvenile of Dumfries

Court date: pending | Status: unavailable

New York City men face drug distribution charges in Prince William

Four men now face charges after police said they were involved in separate drug cases


Here’s more in a police press release:



Narcotics Investigation – On December 18th, members of the Prince William-Manassas-Manassas Park Narcotics Task Force concluded a narcotics investigation involving the selling of suspected cocaine with the below arrests. As part of the investigation, search warrants were obtained and subsequently executed on two vehicles belonging to the suspects. As a result of the search and the investigation, an undisclosed amount of money was seized. Both arrests were made without incident and were previously held for investigative purposes.

Arrested on December 18th:



Genesi M. LEDESMA, 39, of 241 Sherman Ave, Apt. M, in New York, NY


Jose PENA, 42, of 1315 Amsterdam Ave, Apt 15, in New York, NY


Both suspects were charged with conspiracy to possess a scheduled I or II narcotic with intent to distribute

Court date: February 6, 2015 | Bond: unavailable

In a separate, unrelated incident, police say they searched a home in Manassas where another drug arrest was made.


More in a press release: 




Narcotics Investigation – On December 17th, members of the Prince William-Manassas-Manassas Park Narcotics Task Force concluded a narcotics investigation involving the selling of suspected cocaine with the below arrests. As part of the investigation, a search warrant was obtained and subsequently executed at the home of one of the suspects on Prince Cole Ct in Manassas. Both arrests were made without incident and were previously held for investigative purposes.

Arrested on December 17th:

Rafy Salvador SOSA-RODRIGUEZ, 24, of 9680 Cisler Ln in Manassas



Charged with 2 counts of possession with intent to distribute a scheduled I or II narcotic

Court date: February 25, 2015 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond                                                       


Santiago Dejesus FUENTES, 31, of 7503 Prince Cole Ct, Apt 3, in Manassas

Charged with 2 counts of possession with intent to distribute a scheduled I or II narcotic

Court date: February 6, 2015 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond

Teen charged in Woodbridge burglaries

PWC police car

Police made an arrest of a teenager they say is responsible for two burglaries this month at a home in Woodbridge.

Here’s more in a press release:

Residential Burglaries *ARRESTS – On January 20th at 10:28AM, officers responded to a residence located in the 2300 block of Battery Hill Cl in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a burglary in progress. A neighbor reported to police that two unknown suspects were seen breaking into a home in the above area. Officers arrived and located two individuals matching the description provided by the witness. When officers attempted to stop those individuals, one fled on foot through several backyards. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was detained without further incident. Both individuals were identified as a male and female juvenile and were determined to be the suspects involved in the burglary. The investigation revealed that the suspects made entry into the home through a rear window which was broken out. No property was reported missing. The investigation further revealed that the male juvenile suspect was responsible for a separate burglary to the same residence on January 12th. Following the investigation, both suspects were charged.

Arrested on January 20th: [Juveniles]

16 year old male juvenile of Woodbridge

Charged with 2 counts of burglary, 2 counts of grand larceny and 1 count of resisting arrest

Court date: pending | Status: held at the Juvenile Detention Center

16 year old female juvenile of Woodbridge

Charged with burglary and grand larceny

Court date: pending | Status: released to guardian

Residential Burglary [Previously Released] – On January 12th at 7:42PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 2300 block of Battery Hill Cl in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a burglary. The homeowner reported to police that the burglary occurred between 8:49AM and 7:25PM. The investigation revealed that there were no signs of forced entry into the home. Entry is believed to have been made through a basement window after the screen was cut and removed. A gaming console, iPhone, tablet and other property were reported missing.

ANU students take MLK Day, register to vote in Prince William County

Vote, MLK day, election

In recognition of the Martin Luther King holiday and a day of service, Medical Assistant students from the Northern Virginia Campus of American National University collectively registered to vote in Prince William County. 

Their inspiration came not only from Dr. Martin Luther King, but also from the ANU Mission Statement, which states, “Graduates of American National University should understand and practice their responsibilities to their families, their fellow men and their communities by becoming effective and contributing citizens.”

Led by their instructor, MJ Williams of the Roanoke Campus, the students committed to volunteering in the community and becoming informed voters.

Manassas First Friday February: It’s the ‘Souper Bowl’

Souper Bowl
  • Historic Manassas, Inc.
  • Address: 9431 West Street, Manassas, Virginia
  • Phone: 703-361-6599
  • Website: http://visitmanassas.org/

Historic Downtown Manassas is putting on the Soup for First Friday February.

On Feb. 6 from 6 to 9 p.m., city restaurants are pairing up with downtown merchants to offer a soup for sampling. Five-dollar wristbands allow participants to sample the soups from each location and vote to name a champion of the “Souper Bowl.”

A list of participating merchants for Manassas First Friday is available at visitmanassas.org.

Inspired by the success of the monthly event concept held in other localities, First Friday in Historic Downtown was created by the Historic Manassas, Inc. promotions committee to enhance tourism and entertainment offerings in the City of Manassas. The initial First Friday event was held in February 2014 and has grown and evolved. Some months feature roving musicians and caricature artists, while other months feature sidewalk art or special foods, like this month.

Manassas police report: Shots fired near Tommy’s Place

The following is a listing of incidents released by Manassas City police:

Breaking & Entering

On January 18, 2015, Manassas City Police met with a citizen at Mexico Lindo Restaurant, located at 8630 Mathis Ave, for a report of a burglary that occurred in the past.  The reporting party told officers that during the overnight hours of Saturday, January 7th, someone broke into the business, caused damage to the doors, and stole a safe and an undisclosed amount of cash and checks from the business.  Please see the attached bulletin for additional information and surveillance images recorded during the incident.  This is an ongoing investigation.

Description of vehicle:    White van consistent with a newer model Dodge Caravan

Description of suspect:  White or Hispanic male, approximately 5’-10” to 6’-3” with a thin build, wearing a sweatshirt, gloves, jeans, tennis shoes, and some sort of hood or cover over his head

Shots Fired

At approximately 1:40AM on January 17, 2015, Manassas City Police officers were patrolling in the area of Tommy’s Place, located at 8910 Mathis Ave, when they heard gunshots from a parking lot nearby.  A witness told officers that she saw a black male standing next to a 2007 or 2008 Grey or Silver Nissan Altima in the same parking lot.  The witness did not see a firearm, but saw two flashes of light and heard what sounded like gun shots.  There were four other black males in the car telling the suspect to get back inside.  The suspect reentered the vehicle and as it left making a right onto Mathis Ave, the witness heard what sounded like another gunshot and saw another flash.


On January 13, 2015, Manassas City Police met with an employee of Signal Hill Apartments, located at 8713 Signal Hill Rd, for a report of a larceny.  The reporting party told officers that sometime between 8:30AM and 4:00PM on January 12th, someone had damaged all four laundry machines inside one of the two laundry areas on the property.  The coin boxes had also been stolen from the two washers.

Armed Robbery

On January 14, 2015, Manassas City Police responded to Exxon, located at 9901 Wellington Rd, for a report of an armed robbery that had occurred ten minutes prior.  The reporting party told officers that at approximately 7:30PM, a male suspect entered the store wearing a blue bandana to cover his face.  The suspect displayed a black handgun and demanded money, to which the clerk complied.  The suspect was last seen fleeing on foot towards Sandalwood Dr with an undisclosed amount of cash.  Please see the attached bulletin for additional information and surveillance images recorded during the incident.  This is an ongoing investigation.

                Description of suspect:  Hispanic male in his 20s or 30s, 5’-4” to 5’-7”, 160 lbs, wearing a blue bandana to cover his face, a black baseball hat and a light blue sweater

Blunt metal rod used in Manassas burglary

On January 13, two victims living in a Manassas apartment were assaulted using a blunt metal rod. The female suspect and her female friend were at the apartment hours earlier and returned with a group of male suspects.

The suspects then forced their way into the apartment, where they assaulted the victims, causing non-life threatening injuries, police said. Three suspects have been located and identified, the investigation is ongoing.

Here’s the latest from Prince William police;  

Malicious Wounding | Burglary while Armed – On January 13th at 1:38AM, officers responded to the 8100 block of Peakwood Ct in Manassas (20111) to investigate a burglary. The investigation revealed that the accused, identified as Brianna O’TOOLE, was attending a gathering at an apartment in the above area with another female acquaintance when both were asked to leave by the resident for causing problems. Both females left and returned a few hours later with several other male suspects. The accused and the group forcibly entered the apartment and assaulted two of the occupants, identified as a 17 year old male juvenile of Manassas Park and a 21 year old woman of Manassas, with a blunt metal rod. Non-life threatening injuries were reported. The group dispersed prior to officers arriving at the apartment. Detectives have since located and arrested accused, in addition, to two of the suspects involved in the incident. The investigation continues.

Arrested on January 13th:

01152015 o'toole

Brianna Seval O’TOOLE, 18, of 14713 Basingstoke Lp in Centreville

Charged with 2 counts of malicious wounding and 1 count of burglary while armed

Court date: March 17, 2015 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


01152015 abdullah

Nashuran Salim ABDULLAH, 18, of 9651 Laurencekirk Pl in Bristow

Charged with 1 count of burglary while armed

Court date: March 17, 2015 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


Arrested on January 13th: [Juvenile]

17 year old male juvenile of Bristow

Charged with 2 counts of malicious wounding and 1 count of burglary while armed

Court date: pending | Status: held at the Juvenile Detention Center

Stepfather stabbed to death, stepson charged

 On January 14, a 42-year-old man of Woodbridge was hospitalized and died after being stabbed in his living room. According to the report, the victim’s step son stabbed the man several times, while the mother of the suspect called police. The suspect’s brother tried to stop him and once police arrived to the scene, the two were fighting, police said.

The suspect was taken into custody and subsequently arrested. 

Here’s the latest from Prince William police; 

Murder Investigation – On January 14th at 10:54PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 5600 block of Northton Ct in Woodbridge (22193) to investigate a stabbing. The investigation revealed that the victim was sitting in his living room when the accused, the victim’s stepson, entered the residence and went to the kitchen area. Once in the kitchen, the accused retrieved a knife and began pacing. The suspect’s mother attempted to get the accused to drop the knife. During the encounter, the accused walked around his mother and into the living room where he proceeded to stab the victim multiple times. The mother of the accused immediately called police while the victim’s brother attempted to stop the attack. The victim’s brother and the accused were physically fighting when officers arrived. The accused was detained without further incident. The victim was transported to an area hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. Following the investigation, the accused was arrested. This is Prince William County’s 2nd murder of 2015.

Arrested on January 14th:

Brian Antonio HERNANDEZ, 29, of the 5600 block of Northton Ct in Woodbridge

Charged with murder

Court date: pending | Bond: held WITHOUT bond



The victim has been identified as Mauro Reynaldo RODRIGUEZ, 42, of Woodbridge

Prince William County’s first murder of 2015 also took place in Dale City on New Year’s Day. Then, and 21-year-old woman was murdered by her her 22-year-old husband, police said. 


Arrest made in Woodbridge attempted rape

Police arrested a man they say broke into a house in Woodbridge’s River Oaks neighborhood and tried to rape a woman.

Here’s the latest in police press release:

Burglary with Intent to Defile | Attempted Rape *ARREST – On January 12th, members of the U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force and detectives from the Street Crimes Unit with the assistance of K-9 and patrol officers located the suspect involved in the burglary and assault incident which occurred at a residence located in the 2500 block of Miranda Ln in Woodbridge earlier that morning. The accused was located at an address on Bobcat Ct in Woodbridge and was arrested without incident.

Arrested on January 12th:

Demarcus Lamar IRISH, 25, of no fixed address

Charged with 2 counts of burglary with intent to commit a felony, 2 counts of burglary with intent to commit a misdemeanor, 1 count of attempted rapedomestic assault & batterydestruction of property and threating text messages

Court date: pending | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


Burglary with Intent to Defile | Attempted Rape [Previously Released] – On January 12th at 3:58AM, officers responded to a residence located in the 2500 block of Miranda Ln in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a burglary in progress. The victim, a 25 year old woman of Woodbridge, reported to police that she was asleep inside her home when she woke to a sound coming from a lower level of the residence. Upon checking the home, the victim determined that the accused, a known acquaintance, forcibly entered the residence through a rear window. The victim and accused then got into a verbal altercation which escalated. During the encounter, the accused sexually assaulted the victim before fleeing the home. The victim further reported that she has been involved in an ongoing dispute with the accused for several weeks. Warrants were already on file against the accused for previous encounters with the victim. Multiple officers, including a police K-9, searched the immediate area and neighbor in an attempt to locate the accused. Following the investigation, detectives obtained additional warrants against the accused relating to this incident.

Used tires are mysterious. New Cooper Starfire Tires cost about the same


Cooper Starfire Tires offer superior life and performance for just a few dollars more than the cost of a used tire

Instead of buying a used tire that you might have to replace sooner than later, consider a new Cooper Starfire Tire.

It’s a great option for someone looking for an inexpensive tire that will help keep their vehicle on the road longer and their occupants of the car safe.

Cooper Starfire Tires are available for multiple makes and models of vehicles. They’re manufactured in Asia and designed in the U.S. to compete with premium brands without the higher price tag of comparable tires.

The tire offers high-performance ability, improved grip and road handling, with an improved overall tire life.

Cooper Starfire Tires are great for drivers who may have purchased a vehicle that is more costly to maintain than first thought, but are still looking for a quality tire that delivers great handling and a quiet performance on the road. With the Starfire option available, drivers should think before purchasing a used tire.

Typically, drivers have no idea what type of life the used tire had before they obtain it. Used tires could be six to eight years old, perhaps older, and have spent the majority of their life as a used tire strapped to a vehicle. While used tires may look good, the rubber can be worn down or degraded after years of sitting idle. Some used tires may also be missing tread and show signs of wear.

Purchasing a Starfire Tire costs about $30 more than what a used tire might cost, but a new tire, on average, will provide three times the life of a single used tire. The price of a Starfire Tire is up to 30% less than other newer tires.  There are many Starfire Tires produced for SUVs, trucks, and the popular Honda Civic and Toyota Camry models.

Hometowne Auto Repair and Tire in Woodbridge, Virginia is now an authorized Cooper Tire dealer and offers a full line of Starfire Tires.

Teen wins NYC trip with “Say I Won’t” video with Manassas City Police Department

#SayIWont, manassas city police department

Captain Trey Lawler and Chief Doug Keen stand behind Mark Johnson.

In December, City of Manassas resident Mark Johnson had an idea for the #SayIWont video contest put on by Grammy Award winner Lecrae Moore and Reach Records. The video contest asked participants to make a 15 second video showing how “you’re not scared to be different.” Mark’s video featured members of the Manassas City Police Department.

Mark Johnson had the idea, in light of current happenings in other areas of the country, to show a positive relationship between the Manassas City Police Department and a City resident. His video shows him coming into MCPD Roll Call and encouraging the officers about to go out in the field.

Mark went to Osbourn High School in the City of Manassas. After a rocky start, including being expelled from school, Mark went back to Osbourn to finish high school with an advanced diploma. When asked why he chose the Manassas City Police Department to feature in his video, Mark said he remembered the great conversations he had in high school with Officer Cahill and he used that contact to make the video happen. 

On Dec. 12, while attending the Manassas City Police Department holiday luncheon, Mark received a phone call from Reach Records saying he had won the national video contest and had won a trip to New York City to accompany Lecrae Moore to a Brooklyn Nets game.

“We are honored that Mark chose the MCPD to feature in his video,” said Chief Doug Keen from the Manassas City Police Department. “Mark Johnson’s video sheds a positive light on relationships with police officers and those relationships are something we want to promote in the City of Manassas. We congratulate Mark on his award winning video.”

Johnson traveled to New York City in December.

Arrest made in fatal Woodbridge crash

Dumfreis, crash, traffic

Richard T. Stewart, 57, of Germantown, Maryland is charged with failure to yield right of way after a fatal crash in Woodbridge.

Stewart was driving a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and was making a left turn from Chesapeake Drive to Route 1 south when it crossed paths with a Yamaha motorcycle traveling north on Route 1. The crash occurred Dec. 2, 2014.

The 31-year-old motorcyclist, of Dumfries, died.

A passenger on the bike suffered serious injuries.

Chase from Stafford leaves 1 injured, suspect at large

One woman was injured after Virginia State Police chased a driver from Stafford County north on Interstate 95 to Arlington County.

The suspect remains at large. Here’s more from police:

At approximately 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, a Virginia State Police trooper was in the crossover at the 137 mile marker in Stafford County monitoring northbound traffic when a Toyota Camry came through radar at 94 mph. When the trooper pulled out to initiate a traffic stop on the car, it sped away in excess of 100 mph. The car continued northbound on the shoulder and weaving through lanes. Within 10 minutes near the 158 mile marker in Prince William County, the trooper terminated the pursuit for public safety purposes. The Toyota continued northbound. There were three subjects in the vehicle.

At 2:53 p.m., Virginia State Police were notified of a hit-and-run crash in the northbound lanes of I-395 at the Seminary Road Exit. Based on witness statements, it is believed this crash was caused by the same Toyota Camry. A Honda Civic was northbound on I-395 when it was sideswiped by a black sedan. The black car continued northbound at a high rate of speed. The driver of the Honda Civic, a 24-year-old Woodbridge woman, was transported to Inova Alexandria Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. She was wearing a seat belt and was the car’s only occupant.

Anyone with information about the black Toyota Camry with Tennessee plates is asked to please contact the Virginia State Police at 703-803-0026 or #77 on a cell phone.

3 charged in pursuit from Woodbridge to Arlington

Photo: Mary Davidson

Three men face charges after a police pursuit from Woodbridge to Arlington.

Here’s the latest from Virginia State Police:

At approximately 12:53 p.m. Wednesday, a Virginia State Police trooper was on patrol along Cardinal Drive (near Minnieville Road) in Dale City when a 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe with an expired inspection sticker passed by.

The trooper initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, which refused to stop and sped away from the trooper. The suspect vehicle made its way to the Prince William Parkway and then northbound on Interstate 95 and then into Arlington County on I-395. The Tahoe took the Glebe Road exit and continued into a residential neighborhood. The driver and two passengers pulled up to a residence on South Veitch Street, parked the Tahoe, fled the vehicle on foot and broke into the residence.

State police entered the residence and took all three males into custody without incident. No one was at the residence at the time it was broken into.

The driver, Kenneth M. Kelley Jr., 27, of Washington, D.C., has been charged in Arlington County with one felony count of eluding law enforcement and one count of unlawful entering of a dwelling. In Prince William County, Kelley was charged with one felony count of eluding law enforcement, expired inspection sticker, improper registration, driving on a suspended license, and disregarding traffic lights. Kelley was also wanted by Metro PD on an outstanding warrant.

Passenger, Robert Hall,  21, of Washington, D.C., was charged with one count of unlawful entering of a dwelling and identity theft. Hall was wanted by Prince George’s County, Md. Police on an outstanding warrant.

The other passenger, Nathaniel Pickett, 55, of Washington, D.C., was charged with one count of unlawful entering of a dwelling.

 The investigation remains ongoing at this time.

No injuries or vehicle crashes resulted from this pursuit.

The Fairfax County Police helicopter was instrumental in assisting state police with following the suspect vehicle and locating the subjects at the residence. In addition, the Arlington County and City of Alexandria Police Departments also assisted with the incident.

Virginia State Police investigate serious hit and run in Stafford

Photo: Mary Davidson

A man from Triangle was struck by a car on Route 610.

The 37-year-old was hit while walking in a crosswalk the area of Route 610 and Brafferton Boulevard near a Sport and Health gym on Thursday, Jan. 1.

The victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. A 31-year-old woman walking with the victim was not inured, according to a Virginia State Police spokeswoman.

The car that struck the man was traveling east on Route 610. The driver fled the scene after striking the victim. The woman who was not struck said the car might have been a red Chevrolet sedan. The vehicle should have damage to its right front passenger side and mirror, according to police.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call police at 540-829-7766 or #77 on a cell phone.

Woman stabbed to death after argument with husband

Murder is Prince William County’s first of 2015

An argument led to the murder of a 21-year-old woman just after midnight.

The victim was involved in an argument with her husband who later stabbed her to death, police said. The murder is Prince William County’s first of the year.

Sources tell Potomac Local the victim leaves behind two children.

Here’s more in a police press release: 

Murder Investigation – On January 1st at 1:33AM, officers responded to a residence located in the 15100 block of Concord Dr in Woodbridge (22193) to investigate a stabbing. The investigation revealed that the victim was visiting a female acquaintance at their home in the above area.

The acquaintance was asleep when she woke to the sound of the victim screaming. Upon checking on the victim, the accused, identified as the victim’s husband, was seen chasing the victim inside the home. During the encounter, the accused repeatedly stabbed the victim to the upper body.

At one point, the female acquaintance was also struck in the face by the accused. After the altercation, the accused fled the home and got into a vehicle. While fleeing, the accused crashed the vehicle into a tree in the area of Concord Dr and Cloverdale Rd where he then fled on foot. The victim’s acquaintance ran to a neighbor’s residence where police were contacted.

The victim sustained multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Detectives from the Homicide Unit quickly determined the incident was domestic related and identified the suspect as the accused.

Officers set up a perimeter in the surrounding neighborhood and conducted an extensive search. During the search, a Virginia State Police trooper located an individual matching the suspect’s description on I-95. When approached by the trooper, the suspect continued to flee on foot towards the rest area.

A police K-9 and helicopter from Fairfax County Police were used to aide in the search for the accused. The police helicopter located the suspect in a wooded area on Neabsco Mills Rd where officers detained him without further incident. Detectives learned that the accused went to the residence to speak to the victim over an ongoing dispute.

A verbal altercation subsequently ensued which escalated physically resulting in the stabbing. Following the investigation, the accused was arrested. This is Prince William County’s 1st murder of 2015.

Arrested on January 1st:

John Nathaniel SHERWOOD, 22, of no fixed address

Charged with murder and assault & battery

Court date: pending | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


 The victim has been identified as Erica Renae SHERWOOD, 21, of Triangle

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