Girl assaulted with electrical cord in Woodbridge apartment

Two individuals have been charged, following an attack on a 14-year old female.

According to Prince William police, officers were called to an apartment on Worchester Drive in Woodbridge, after receiving a call about potential child abuse.

The victim – a 14-year old female – told officers that she got into a verbal fight with 25-year Woodbridge woman De’Mari Brannam, which escalated, stated Prince William police.

Prince William police stated that during the altercation, Brannam assaulted the victim and struck her body with an electrical cord. An acquaintance of Brannam’s – 26-year old Woodbridge man Laren McMillian – also struck the victim with the electrical cord in her face, according to Prince William police.

The victim had lacerations and welts on her body following the the incident, stated Prince William police.

McMillian and Brannam have been charged with felony child abuse and cruelty & injuries to children, said Prince William police.

New summertime uses for olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Butter Chipotle wings
Sundae with balsamic vinegar
Butter Chip sauce
Spicy marinated wings
Spicy wing sauce

Looking for some new simple and flavorful recipes to try this summer? Then consider adding olive oil and vinegar to your dishes – in new and unique ways.

Manassas Olive Oil, located on Grant Avenue in downtown Manassas, has a few recipes and summer food ideas they’d like to share.

Their shop sells a wide variety of olive oils and vinegars that they’ve paired with their summer favorites.

One of the unconventional – but delicious – recipes is for their seltzer water, which includes adding balsamic vinegar.

“It sounds weird, but it’s actually works really well,” said Manassas Olive Oil owner Cameron Thomson. Keep Reading…

Offices inside Woodbridge medical building quarantined during Ebola scare

woodbridge professional building

There was an Ebola scare in Woodbridge on Friday.

The Woodbridge Professional Building on Route 1 and Delaware Drive was quarantined for a brief time Friday morning.

A sick patient at one of the doctors offices raised a red flag when it when was learned he had just visited West Africa.
Here’s more in a statement from Lori Andrew-Spear, spokeswoman for the Virginia Health Department:

On Friday, July 31, an individual who was in West Africa within the past 21 days and is part of the Virginia Department of Health’s arriving passenger monitoring program developed symptoms of illness. Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was transported to a Northern Virginia hospital for assessment.

Part of that assessment involved testing for a variety of potential causes of illness including Ebola. Testing for Ebola was negative.

An alternate diagnosis was confirmed and the individual is receiving appropriate treatment and care.
Active, post-arrival monitoring was implemented on October 27, 2014, to allow public health authorities to add another layer of protection against the risk of transmission of Ebola virus disease in the United States. More information about Virginia’s active monitoring can be found here.

The all-clear was eventually given to all inside the building. A tipster to Potomac Local described a scene of confusion while the office building remained under quarantine:

They initially told everyone that it was a possible contagious medical situation, but would not provide any details, even when they were asked. The police officers on the scene told people to ask the fire department. Fireman said to ask the public health department but said they were not available for comment. In the end, hundreds of people were involuntarily detained for hours with no explanation.

It was business as usual today at the Woodbridge Professional Building.

6K in Manassas to raise funds for clean water access

6K kids

There are many women and children in Africa that have to walk more than 3 miles for water.

This fact is what spurred World Vision, a humanitarian organization, to organize their annual 6K for Water walk/run, which will be held in Manassas on September 12.

“[The] program works to address the 768 million people in the world who lack access to clean water. It started last year. Last year we just did it in Chicago, and this year we separated it out to four different cities – Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and [the Washington] D.C. [area],” said Ashley Colquitt, the marketing director for the race.

According to Colquitt, 1,600 children under the age of five die each day because of a lack of access to clean water, and the issue takes more lives each year than AIDS and malaria combined.

It also keeps many girls out of school, because they need to collect water, said Colquitt.

“The race is a 6K – which is a little shorter than four miles – it’s the distance that women and children in Africa have to walk to collect water. The issue with that is that it keeps girls out of school, because they have to collect water for their family. There are also hygiene and sanitation issues, because the water they collect is often dirty water…it’s the only water they have access,” said Colquitt.

Registration costs $50, with 100% of proceeds going to help their water access program.

“[Before the race] we pinpoint the community that we’re going to provide clean access to water for, and we take pictures of the kids that people are helping. And on race day, people running will be running with pictures of those kids on their race bibs. They know exactly where and who their donation went to,” said Colquitt.

The race will start at 9 a.m. that morning at the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Registration for the race is currently open. 

Woman struck on Sudley Road

Digges Road in Manassas.
Digges Road in Manassas.


A pedestrian struck this morning in Manassas is in critical condition. 

Here’s an update from Manassas police: 

Pedestrian Struck

At approximately 10:25AM on August 3, 2015, Manassas City Police responded to the area of Sudley Rd and Digges Rd for a report of a struck pedestrian.  The victim, a 43-year-old female of Manassas, was transported to a local medical facility for major injuries and is in critical condition.  This is an ongoing investigation.

No charges have been filed in the case. 


According to Manassas City Police, Sudley Road has been reopened, following the incident this morning.

Original post

A woman was struck by a vehicle in the area of Sudley and Digges roads in Manassas. 

The 35-year-woman was hit about 10:30 a.m. near Novant Prince William Medical Center. The woman suffered trauma to her head, according to initial reports. 

A helicopter landed at the old Marsteller Middle School on Sudley Road. The woman was loaded onto the helicopter and she was taken to a local hospital.

More as we have it.

Why do repair shops not want to use my own auto parts?

Brake pads and rotors from Car Quest are to original equipment specifications

Brake pads and rotors from Car Quest are to original equipment specifications

Keeping your car well maintained is important. And for some people, letting a technician isn’t enough – they want to take the extra step and order their own parts and really be a part of the process. And while that effort is appreciated, there are several reasons why many auto repair shops will not install parts that you bring to them when you’re getting your vehicle serviced.

The easiest way to explain why is to give you some example scenarios.

Alternator and Air Filter from a quality aftermarket parts supplier

Alternator and Air Filter from a quality aftermarket parts supplier

Let’s say you order your water pump and timing belt off of the internet or purchase them at a

local parts supply house.  When you bring in your parts, you are feeling all happy because you feel like you just saved yourself some money. In this scenario, let’s pretend we agree to install your parts.

One of our technicians gets your car into the bay, and sets it up on the lift. We go to install your part – but oh, wait –the water pump does not fit. Then you’re in a position where we’ve begun labor, and now you’re stuck with a part that doesn’t fit, waiting for days or weeks until you can get the appropriate part from an internet parts retailer or taking time to run back and forth to the parts store to complete the job, all the while the car is stuck in the repair shops bay.

Genuine GM parts from the dealer

Genuine GM parts from the dealer

Or say, maybe we installed that part, and six months down the road, you return to our shop and say the water pump and timing belt we installed are making noise and are not working properly. If we had installed your parts – and not our own – then you aren’t covered with the 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty that we offer our customers with our parts. And while yes we do need to sell auto parts in order to keep our shop open, another important reason why we do that is so we can offer the great warranty on the parts.

In this scenario, you would now be paying our shop two times for the same job to be performed, and overall you haven’t saved any money.

Now let’s look at another scenario so you can better understand the hazard of using your own parts, instead of an auto repair shop’s parts.

Radiator for a Nissan from an aftermarket parts supplier

Radiator for a Nissan from an aftermarket parts supplier

Say you call the shop to get a price on replacing an oxygen sensor.  You say you have been to a local auto parts house and have the code and they say it’s your oxygen sensor. You are asking us to put in the part that you have, and go off of another person’s word that this will fix your problem with the check engine light.

Then comes in the fact that as an auto repair shop, we absorb the liability when you walk out the door with your car keys in hand. If you were to have someone install a customer supplied part and it’s wrong, it could cost cause further car problems, an accident, or even put your safety at risk.

Radiator cap from an overseas parts supplier

Radiator cap from an overseas parts supplier

When you allow Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire to diagnose and replace the parts that we purchase we are guaranteeing your money is well spent.  If the part fails, you will not be paying labor again, nor will you be paying for the part. We as a company have to absorb the expense when a part fails within its warranty time and that is why we use quality parts from our trusted parts suppliers.

Why should your email be HIPAA compliant?

  • Jewell Technical Consulting
  • Address: 9720 Capital Court, Suite 305, Manassas, VA
  • Phone: 703-794-1225
  • Website:

If you’re a healthcare service provider, you know how important that it is to protect your patient’s information under HIPAA requirements. But in a digital world, where a lot of records and forms of communication are moving online, it can be a challenge to ensure that same level of protection.

All of a patients’ public health information is legally protected, and this doesn’t end at the front door of your facility. This legally extends to any correspondence written about a patient, to a patient, or their medical history and records.

Because so many healthcare facilities have switched over to electronic systems for patient records and scheduling, it makes sense to utilize technology and email information for a patient – whether it’s to another doctor or nurse at the facility – or maybe you’re referring them to a specialist.

In order to ensure that your patients’ information is safe, and that you are legally protected under HIPAA regulations, it is important for your facility to secure your email system. Training employees on the appropriate ways to handle private information and transmitting it electronically is part of this, but the other part is making sure that your email is secured.

Hackers are coming up with new ways to invade online systems every day, and this means that you need to be utilizing professional tools and a technology solutions provider like JTC, Inc. to help maintain your email system so that it’s HIPAA compliant.

One of the biggest ways that a hacker or virus can infiltrate an email system and compromise patient data is with spam mail. You unknowingly click the link and before you know it, the entire network at your facility has been breached.

While most email systems offer a simple spam filter, in a lot of cases that’s not enough.

“They may have a spam filter that doesn’t provide that for them,” said Kristen Maxey, a spokeswoman for JTC, Inc.

All of JTC’s clients that need this sort of protection use a program called EdgeWave, which is certified as HIPAA compliant, according to Maxey. JTC, Inc. has been working as a partner with EdgeWave for 7 years.

Along with EdgeWave’s advanced spam filter, which will be able to keep hackers and viruses out, there are other benefits to using their system to keep your medical data secure. They offer around the clock network monitoring, web threat detection and cloud-based messaging.

So don’t put your business – and your patients’ information – out there. Make sure that your email is HIPAA compliant and be prepared.

OWL VFD called in for a ‘steep’ water rescue


Rescue units were dispatched to a reported injury at the end of Bertram Street in Lake Ridge, down a hill by the “river” at 12:27 p.m.

EMS units arrived on the scene to find an injured patient approximately 120 feet down a steep hill next to the Occoquan Reservoir.

Due to the steepness of the hill, OWL VFD technical rescue units carrying rope rescue gear were requested and dispatched.  A rope system was quickly set up in order to safely lower rescuers and equipment to the injured patient. Understanding the dangers of hauling the patient back up the hill, the technical rescue team requested an OWL VFD rescue boat to respond to their location on the reservoir. The rescue boat arrived as the patient was being prepared for transport.

The original patient and a second patient, injured while attempting to help the first patient, were both transported via rescue boat back to the Lake Ridge Marina and subsequently transported to Sentara Hospital by a medic unit.

Fire and Rescue units from OWL, Dale City and the Department of Fire and Rescue worked cohesively to make this technical rescue safe and orderly.

Thief orders pizza, cash, from deliveryman

A Woodbridge man has been charged, following the robbery of a pizza delivery man.

Police were initially called for the incident on the evening of April 15.

According to Prince William police, the victim – a 52-year old Woodbridge man – told police he was delivering a pizza when he was approached by two individuals.

One the individuals displayed a gun, and took money and pizzas from the victim before fleeing on foot. The victim was not injured, according to Prince William police.

Following an investigation, Prince William police have charged 20-year old Woodbridge man Bryan Petteway with robbery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Prince William police stated that they were still working on identifying the second individual.

The individual is described as a black male, between 18 and 25, 5’6’ to 5’8” with a medium build and black hair, stated Prince William police.

OWL VFD aides in search for missing jet skier

owl vfd boat

A missing jet skier was found with the help of his cell phone.

The man was reported missing Saturday night, and fire and rescue crews from Fairfax and Prince William counties and Charles County, Md. were dispatched to look for him.

The jet skier was spotted about 7 p.m. headed south on the Occoquan River. Searchers were scouring the Potomac River, as the missing man was said to be anywhere from Alexandria to Dumfries, said OWL VFD spokeswoman Rebecca Barnes.

OWL VFD dispatched one of their boats to assist in the search about 9:30 p.m. to help other boats from the U.S. Coast Guard and Maryland Natural Resources division who were already on the case. That’s when they decided to ping the man’s cell phone to try and find him.

“At approximately 9:50 p.m. a request was made to perform a “ping” of the persons cell phone. This process can take 30 or more minutes to complete the required paperwork and approval process before the information is returned,” stated Barnes in a press release “Within 10 minutes of the data being returned and relayed, OWL Fireboat 502 spotted the missing jet ski in the vicinity of the “ping”. A few seconds later, Fairfax Police helicopter spotted the missing person in the water a short distance away.”

Crews returned the jet skier to a marina unharmed. Barnes did not know what led to the man’s disappearance.

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