Display Advertising

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Use this high visibility branding option to advertise your business or organization to make it stand out from the rest.

Flip Ads

Catch their attention when your ad flips before their eyes when their mouse rolls over it. It’s two ads in one.

Swapper Ads

This is an ad which, when hovered, swaps out the original ad for a different ad for a hover-effect. If your advertiser has more information to convey than can fit in the original ad, this is the guys to use.

Click to Enlarge Ads

A very simple format which displays an image and a "Click to Enlarge" call to action which will open the image in a new window.

Facebook Enhancer

Have a new ad on Potomac Local by simply using your Facebook page.

Full Banner Ad

Build consistent messaging for your business on Potomac Local.

Half Banner

All the visibility, on a budget.

Coupon Ad

Create a cutout-style coupon to promote a sale or event.

Advanced Coupon Ad

Just like the coupon ad, but with more options.

YouTube Ad

Embed a YouTube video as an advertisement.

Scratchoff Ad

A fun way to advertise to your audience.

Table Ad

Perfect for promoting event schedules, menus, and more.

Flyout Ad

Attractive and efficient advertising.

The Content Ribbon

Built with mobile in mind. All you need is a message and an image.

The Before and After

Another mobile friendly ad. At first, it might seem like another sidebar-type ad. But this before and after ad, can be configured to appear nicely on all devices.

Wallpaper Ad

One of your most powerful advertising options.

Content Marketing

Use Potomac Local as a platform to tell the story of your business on a consistent basis, or hire us to tell it for you.


Become a regular columnist in the Potomac Local content section of your choice while branding yourself as the local expert in your field.

Unlimited Posts Option

One Per Week Option

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Featured Events

Post your event on our widely read Potomac Local Community Calendar.

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