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Child Safety Seat Inspections

Dec 12, 2013
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Stafford County Sheriff's Office
1225 Courthouse Road
Stafford, VA

Cost: FREE Who: Stafford County Sheriff’s Department

Every Thursday, 10:00 am

(By appointement/pending holidays)

Contact the Traffic Safety Unit to schedule an appointment: 540-658-4959

What you should know about Child Safety Seats:

1. All children under the Age of 8 MUST be secured in a child safety seat (VA Law).

2. NO rear facing infant seat can be placed in the front seat of a vehicle that is equipped with an active Air Bag (VA Law).

3. Infants under the age of 1 and under 20 lbs. should be secured in a rear facing infant seat or rear facing convertible seat. Parents may turn them around after meeting these requirements, but can leave them rear facing longer.

4. Any older child under 4’ 9” should use a booster seat regardless of age. Seat belts are made for adults who are taller than 4’ 9”, and a smaller child may have problems with the shoulder belt resting on their neck.

5. 80% OF THE CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM must sit on the seat. Side fold down pickup seats can not be used for safety seats.

6. All child safety seats Must be secured properly in a vehicle. Near 90% of all safety seats are improperly installed in vehicles. The main problem is that the seats are installed too loose. There should be no more than 1” of movement at the belt path for safety seats. All harness straps should be snug, and the plastic retaining clip should rest on the child’s chest at the arm pit level.

7. Parents should review the owner’s manual for the safety seat and their vehicle for proper installation/usage of a child safety seat. They must go by the height and weight restrictions for each seat, which are set by the manufacturer. If a child exceeds these limits, then a new/larger seat should be used.

8. We offer child seat checks at the Stafford County Public Safety Center / Sheriff’s Office (HB) on Thursday mornings around 1000 hrs. by appointment. They can call the Traffic Safety Unit to make an appointment.