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See the new traffic pattern at I-66 in Gainesville

New Gainesville interchange   YouTube

Traffic exiting Interstate 66 west for Route 29, and drivers traveling Route 29 south woke up to a new traffic pattern this morning.

A newly opened bridge now carries drivers exiting the Interstate highway and Route 29 over a railroad. Drivers exiting Route 66 head to Route 29 south toward Warrenton and Charlottesville are urged to keep left on the new ramp and bridge.

The new bridge also carries drivers headed for Haymarket via Route 55, and drivers headed for Linton Hall Road.  Drivers headed in that direction are urged to keep right on the ramp and bridge.

The work is part of a $230 million project that puts new infrastructure in place in the busy section of Gainesville. It eliminated the need for drivers to drive over a set of train tracks that crossed Routes 29 and 55.

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Virginia Chamber of Commerce economic forecast mixed

Barry DuVal, Virginia, business

The future of Virginia’s economy looks much different from its recent past.

Virginia, a state traditionally reliant on government jobs, is seeing fewer of them due to spending cutbacks and sequestration. That prompted Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Barry Duval to visit Manassas on May 20, where he provided business owners an outline of what to expect as the economy improves.

What’s holding the state’s economy back? Projected slow job growth and competition from other, comparable southern states, said Duval, the former Mayor of Newport News and a self-proclaimed “recovering public official.” Duval said Virginia’s entrepreneurial spirit, access to international markets through an airport like Dulles International, and an educated workforce would make the state competitive in the coming years.

“You will not find a region in the world growing and prospering without an institution of higher education,” Duval told a crowd gathered for a Prince William Chamber of Commerce event held at the Hylton Performing Arts Center.

He called George Mason University – the agency that operates the Hylton – key to the success of the region. He also said the partnership of the university, Prince William County, Manassas City, and the private organizations that utilize the Hylton, a shining example of what success looks like the new economy.

Pro-business policies that have taken hold in the state continue to attract small shop owners to the area, he said.

“You don’t have to go too far north of the Potomac River to find businesses in states suffering from ‘non pro-business’ policies,” said Duval.

The Federal Government can help spur growth in Virginia by creating a new energy policy, promoting free trade, and improving the national transportation infrastructure, said Duval.

Two house fires displace residents in Prince William


There were two home fires this week in Prince William.

On the evening on May 25, Prince William fire and rescue were called to a fire at a single-family home on Edmonston Drive in Manassas.

When Prince William fire and rescue arrived, they saw a fire on the rear deck of the home.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire, and no one was injured.

Prince William fire and rescue have estimated damages at $7,000.

Another fire took place in the afternoon on May 26, Prince William fire and rescue were sent to a fire at a two-story townhome on Larkin Drive in Woodbridge.

When firefighters arrived at the townhome, they found the fire at the back of the home, and were able to put it out. No one was injured.

According to Prince William fire and rescue, two adults and four children were home at the time of the fire. They were able to safely evacuate.

Prince William fire and rescue estimated the damagers at $50,000. Keep Reading…

Two Haymarket women arrested for narcotics possession


The Haymarket Police department has arrested two individuals involved with the possession of narcotics.

On May 24, a Haymarket police officer stopped a suspect – 24-year old Grace Dryden – for a traffic violation on James Madison Highway. According to Haymarket police, during a search of Dryden’s vehicle, marijuana and other controlled substances were found.

Dryden has been charges with possession of marijuana and possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance, and was released on a $2,500 bond.

On May 25, Haymarket police arrested 21-year old Kaleigh Reagan for driving under the influence on Washington Street. Haymarket police stated that during the arrest, an officer saw a controlled substance in her possession that was not prescribed to her.

Reagan is being charged with possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance and driving under the influence. She was held without bond.

Manassas bakery offers options for those with food allergies


The Lemonade Bakery creates treats that are peanut, nut and egg-free.
They are hoping to open a storefront location in Manassas.
The bakery does a lot of custom orders for schools and daycare centers.
Their most popular item are their glazed sugar cookies.

The Lemonade Bakery, a home-based Manassas bakery – owned by Kelly Stroh – gives individuals with food allergies an opportunity to enjoy yummy treats.

“My third son has severe allergies…and I had to learn to bake for him. And after working on some of that, I realized that I enjoyed baking and it was something I could do with four small children,” said Stroh.

Stroh started off making cookies and cakes in her own kitchen, and the business has grown over the years.

According to Stroh, all of her products are peanut, nut and egg-free, but they can also accommodate other food allergies.

“We do custom orders primarily. We do orders for individuals – a dozen cupcakes or a cake – all the way up to schools, where we do over 1,000 cookies at a time. We do a lot of [orders for] local schools and daycares centers, a lot of them that have a nut free policy…we’re one of the few [commercial bakeries] that are peanut and nut free,” Stroh said.

The bakery’s most popular item are their glazed sugar cookies, which can be made in any shape and decorated.

Right now The Lemonade Bakery offers cakes, cupcakes and cookies, but they’re hoping to add donuts and cinnamon rolls to their lineup.

In the next few months, Stroh and her family plan to move forward with finding a storefront in the Manassas area.

They attempted to fund the expansion through a Kickstarter campaign, which was not successful, but they were able to identify investors to help make the store a reality.

“We didn’t meet our goal – but we got pretty close…what we’re doing now is rounding up a team of private investors for us,” said Stroh.

For Stroh, the business signifies a way to deal with a difficult situation in a positive way.

“A big part of why I wanted to do this was to show my kids that everybody has their challenges, and it’s what you do with them. So you have your lemons – which are your food allergies – and we’re going to make lemonade by making something we enjoy, but it helps others also,” stated Stroh.

Foreman: Tax credits, improved Route 1 key to economic development


Potomac Local sent a candidate survey to Gerald “Jerry” Foreman. He’s running to become the next Virginia State Senator in the 36th District encompassing south Fairfax County, eastern Prince William County, and North Stafford.  The seat is currently held by Linda “Toddy” Puller who will retire. 

Forman faces Democrat Scott Surovell who also seeks the 36th District Seat. Surovell is currently a Virginia State Delegate who represents the 44th District which encompasses Mount Vernon and a portion of Fort Belvoir.

Voters will head to the polls to decide a winner for this race on Nov. 3, 2015.

Find your polling place

PL: What are the top three major issues facing the district you wish to represent?

Foreman: 1. Economic Development/Revitalization
2. Route-1 Transportation Corridor
3. Ethics and Transparency Keep Reading…

Surovell focused on Metro, Medicaid, teachers


Potomac Local sent a candidate survey to Scott Surovell. He’s running to become the next Virginia State Senator in the 36th District encompassing south Fairfax County, eastern Prince William County, and North Stafford.  The seat is currently held by Linda “Toddy” Puller who will retire. 

Surovell faces Republican Gerald “Jerry” Foreman who also seeks the 36th District Seat. Foreman is the Mayor of Dumfries.

Voters will head to the polls to decide a winner for this race on Nov. 3, 2015.

Find your polling place

Keep Reading…

Manassas man hit with shovel


On the evening of May 23, Prince William police responded to a call for an assault in Manassas.

According to Prince William police, the victim – a 36-year old Manassas man – stated to police that we was working on his vehicle when the suspect – 42-year old Manuel Jesus Hernandez – struck him in the head from behind with a shovel.

Hernandez hit the victim two more times with the shovel, said Prince William police. Witnesses on the scene were able to separate the two individuals.

Prince William police stated that their investigation showed that the assault was not provoked.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries, said Prince William police.

Hernandez has been charged with malicious wounding and is being held without bond.

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Mary Washington Healthcare – Chris’ Story

  • Mary Washington Healthcare
  • Address: 1001 Sam Perry Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
  • Phone: 540-741-1100
  • Website: marywashingtonhealthcare.com

Chris was rushed to Mary Washington Healthcare

“I called my son at one o’clock in the morning as I know what’s happening to me? I’m either having a heart attack or I am having anxiety attack,” said Chris.

Chris’ son rushed her to the Mary Washington Hospital Emergency Room.

“They came in and said ‘you have three very massive blockages and you’re going to have to have bypass surgery,’ said Chris.

The Mary Washington cardiac team led by Doctor Alex Na performed successful surgery. Next for Chris – rehab.

“And when I came here from beginning to end I felt very comfortable, very much at home and just like I was really cared for, being cared for by my friends,” said Chris.

Our cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is medically supervised and certified. Each participant receives a personalized rehab program.

“It really does change your outlook and change the way you feel, because I really feel great,” said Chris.

Mary Washington healthcare — here for you.

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