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    Planes from ‘Golden Age’ of flight soar over Manassas


    Press release: 

    The Manassas Regional Airport is hosting the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) B-17 and Ford Tri-Motor from Oct. 20-23, 2016

    These are two rare, historic airplanes.  The Ford Tri-Motor, built in 1929, was among the very first mass produced airliners from the “Golden Age” of flight.  The 1945 B-17G bomber is one of the most iconic images of World War II, a vivid link back to the brave men and women of the “greatest generation.” Few of these aircraft exist now outside museums, but you can watch these two beautifully restored planes fly and even buy rides on both of them at the Manassas Regional Airport. The bomber will also be open for ground tours.


    See more photos of the planes in flight over the city.


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    Sebesky: ‘We must start with a strategic plan that involves everyone’

    Pamela J. Sebesky is one of three Democrats vying for three open seats on the Manassas City Council. After serving two terms on the city School Board, Sebesky seeks a seat on the city’s governing body.
    We sent a questionnaire to Sebeskyand all other candidates seeking a seat on the Manassas City Council. Her responses are below: 

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    PL: What are the top three major issues facing Manassas residents?

    Sebesky: Economic development, public safety, and high-performing schools.

    PL: What concrete solutions do you propose to address these issues?
    Sebesky: All of these needs are interconnected. In order to work one of them is to work on all of them. We must start with a strategic plan that involves a broad cross-section of everyone in the community. You must have citizens that represent all areas of our city, along with representation from all levels of our business community, as well as the city staff. When you have that kind of input you will then develop the needed plan that will allow for success in all these areas.
    PL: From your perspective, what is the job description of the office you’re seeking?

    Sebesky: A Council Member must listen to all constituents and do thorough research when making all decisions, as the decision will affect everyone in the community. You must be able to be fiscally responsible with tax payer dollars and demand transparency in how funds will be spent. You must comprehend and put into action a comprehensive strategic plan that will address citizen needs, help sustain and expand local businesses and set a course for the entire city. A Council Member alone does not decide anything, its takes someone who can and will work collaboratively in good transparent decision making. We all have to get back to the basics – of the people, by the people and for the people.

    PL: What expertise will you bring to the office?

    I will bring to the office a wide variety of experience from a number of areas, as I have previously already outlined. Having been elected to the Manassas City School Board twice, I have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the schools and the children that attend them. This has provided me the opportunity to work with and volunteer with many different organizations and businesses across the whole region. I understand our economic challenges and have a record of working hard and collaboratively to improve long-term outcomes.
    PL: Do you feel that the average citizen is well informed and understands the workings of city government? If not, how do you intend on improving communication with your constituency? 
    Sebesky: Most citizens are not likely to be well informed or have the extensive knowledge needed of the workings of local government. In order to understand the complex process you must have the time to be involved at many levels. The best way to improve communication is with relationship building, in order to build trust. The city already has many ways it communicates with its citizens, but if there is not trust people will not believe what they read or take time to participate in the community or government operations. In the community I am known for taking the time to listen and for caring about the whole community. I take the needed time not just to return calls or emails, but to do the hard work to get needed change to come about through policy and procedure development.
    PL: Have you ever made any mistakes in your public life? How have they affected you?
    Sebesky: Everyone makes mistakes, as no one is perfect. The hardest part of being on the school board is when you have to decide whether to expel a child from the school system. You know that will be a life-altering decision for that young person. Some parents are able to afford to put their student into a private school or home school their child, where others may be left on their own. This has made me work even harder to make sure that all children are truly being given the opportunity to be as successful as they can so they can be productive members of our community.
    PL: Our readers want leaders in local government. Why should they vote for you?
    Sebesky: I am a person of high integrity and someone who is known to work hard to make sure that things get done with all citizens, communities, and businesses in mind. I ask questions, do my research, collaborate, and demand transparency. I do not allow my personal views to influence my decision making, as you must be able to separate your personal bias from what is best for the city.

    Read more Project: Election 2016 candidate profiles.

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    Jenkins-Bailey wants to address needs of students who make up Manassas’ changing demographics

    Kim M. Jenkins-Bailey seeks a seat on the Manassas City School Board.
    We sent a questionnaire to Kim M. Jenkins-Bailey, and all other candidates for Manassas City School Board. Her responses are below: 

    Find your polling place

    We sent a questionnaire to Harrison. His responses are below: 
    PL: What are the top three major issues facing Manassas residents?

    Jenkins-Bailey: Division, Calibration. 
    In respect to division, there appears to be detachment from the essence of practical application to the needs of our students. There is also an unspoken separation on rendering each student the proper tools needed to succeed.

    Moreover, there is currently not enough representation to address the variation of needs for our diverse demographics which is causing a slit discord amongst communities and educators. 

    Calibration is a need in order to concentrate on outlined goals for success. If officials are not willing to view the actual problems and concerns of those who we serve, inevitably there will be more detachment from those who attempt to remain involved because they feel their voice is unheard. 

    PL: What concrete solutions do you propose to address these issues?

    Jenkins-Bailey: Acknowledge the similarity within the diversity, and draw a concise consensus in ideologies to move forward as a unit to aid students and communities.
    PL: From your perspective, what is the job description of the office you’re seeking?

    Jenkins-Bailey: It is perceived as a School Board representative, the responsibilities are to serve the Manassas City School system by addressing the challenges, and obstacle with sound resolve for the improvement and productivity of institution fitness, Additional, provide a high level of integrity as a representative in each matter, duty, and task which governs the office by policy and procedure. Moreover, present facts and accuracy to the functions of the educational system of K-12 for the continuous progression. Furthermore, to present students with optimum opportunities of transition preparedness of personal and professional existence.

    PL: What expertise will you bring to the office?

    I bring a high level of proficiency background in sociology, education, business, government and public relations. I have over 10 years of higher education and 20 years of work experience. I have worked in team organizations, low to high-level management, and provide sustainable projects and programs. I am also proficient in inner office affairs from the smallest of detail to the largest of execution. I make sound decisions, judgment calls and perform with detail-oriented precision.

    PL: Do you feel that the average citizen is well informed and understands the workings of city government? If not, how do you intend on improving communication with your constituency? 
    Jenkins-Bailey: Sometimes. It really depends on the concern or the priority. In order to engage more constituents, there has to be personal involvement. In goes to the area of diverse relations. If each person recognizes their personal duty and responsibility to remain informed, then communication would improve. A way to get people involved is speaking to their concerns, expressing clearly the needs, and acknowledging their support and involvement.

    PL: Have you ever made any mistakes in your public life? How have they affected you?

    Jenkins-Bailey: An error is a happenstance which should teach and help a person to improve and possibly prevent other mistakes. I aim to learn from happenstances as I acknowledge they will occur. It is a wise and mature person who grows from their mistakes.

    PL: Our readers want leaders in local government. Why should they vote for you?

    Jenkins-Bailey: I am a leader who is dedicated to helping our education system reflect wholeness, confidence, and approval. Moreover, to provide each child with an educational experience capable of producing qualified and desired residents and employees. A vote for me is a vote for you.

    Read more Project: Election 2016 candidate profiles.

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    Police break up attack on Potomac Mills security guards

    From Prince William police: 

    Unlawful Wounding On October 19 at 4:21PM, officers responded to Potomac Mills mall located at 2700 Potomac Mills Cir in Woodbridge (22192) to investigate a fight. When officers arrived a woman, later identified as the accused, was being detained by security personnel.

    The investigation revealed the accused was involved in an altercation with a male acquaintance inside the mall near the food court. At one point, two security officers attempted to intervene and resolve the situation. During the encounter, the accused struck one of the security officers and became belligerent. When security personnel attempted to detain the accused, she actively resisted and began biting, striking, and scratching both security officers.

    Police arrived and detained the accused without further incident. Both security officers sustained minor injuries and were treated by rescue personnel. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Elizabeth Regina HOUSTON, was arrested.

    Arrested on October 19:

    Elizabeth Regina HOUSTON, 22, of Woodbridge

    Charged with 2 counts of unlawful wounding and 1 count of disorderly conduct

    Court Date: November 22, 2016 | Bond: Held WITHOUT Bond

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    Virginia voter deadline extended to Oct. 21, 2016

    manassas vote

    Problems with Virginia’s online voter registration portal this week prompted a federal judge to extend a voter registration deadline to Friday, October 21, 2016. 

    The Virginia Department of Elections has expanded hours in the wake of the ruling.

    From Gov. Terry McAuliffe: 

    “I am pleased that the court has agreed with the request to extend Virginia’s voter registration period after unprecedented web traffic prevented many people from completing their registrations online before the original deadline. The Commonwealth will fully comply with the court’s order and extend our registration process online, in-person and through the mail.

    “The Virginia Department of Elections and the Virginia Information Technology Agency have been working overtime since Monday night to expand the capacity of the system that allows Virginians to register to vote online, and I am confident that the steps we have taken will provide an improved experience to people who use it.

    “However, I do want to urge Virginians who are interested in registering to vote to act as quickly as possible and, if they are able, to take advantage of all of the available ways to register to vote during this period, including visiting a local registrar’s office or a Department of Motor Vehicles office.

    “Additionally, in the event that there are unexpected technology issues, we urge Virginians to contact the Department of Elections and indicate that they are attempting to register, so that staff can follow up and ensure that they make it through the process.

    Local politicians reacted on Twitter: 



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    Overturned car reported on Brentsville Road

    Rescue crews found an overturned car near the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Brentsville Road. 

    An emergency worker called the county’s dispatch center to report the crash and said the occupants had made it out of the car safely. At least one person was bleeding, according to initial reports. 

    Rescue crews dispatched to the scene reported the crash to be in the middle of the intersection.


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    High school science to be taught on ‘Discovery Trail’ near landfill

    colgan high school

    PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — A new wooded trail located behind the newest high school in Prince William County will be used to teach students about science. 

    The Discovery Trail is located at Charles Colgan High School, located at 13833 Dumfries Rd at Independent Hill. The trail sits on buffer land owned by the Prince William County Sanitary Landfill, which is located next to the high school.

    Here’s more from Deborah K. Campbell, landfill spokeswoman: 

    The Prince William County Solid Waste Division’s Solid Waste Citizens Advisory Group wanted to somehow incorporate the landfill and landfill buffer into an educational opportunity for the new high school and schools adjacent to buffer area. This desire was shared with school system personnel and ultimately the idea for Outdoor Discovery Trail was blazed by the Advisory Group.

    The building of the trail and classrooms was a partnership between the Prince William County Solid Waste Division, Prince William County Schools and SPARK Foundation, Prince William County Parks Department, Boy Scout Troop 1195 and Dominion Power.

    The trails will be used a part of the science curriculum for students from the neighboring schools and will also be available to other Prince William County School students and community groups with appropriate permission.

    · Solid Waste Division provided the land, mapped the trail and assisted with the trail and classroom development

    · Prince William County Schools and SPARK Foundation mapped the trail, coordinated the classroom development, curriculum and equipment development, garnered Boy Scouts and Dominion Power’s assistance

    · Prince William County Parks finalize the trail, cleared the trail, maintains the trail
    · Boy Scout Troop 1195- Three scouts working on Eagle projects designed and managed the building of the classrooms, including acquiring materials

    · Dominion Power provided and installed educational signs, kiosks and storage sheds for equipment

    A dedication ceremony for the trail was scheduled for 3 p.m. today.

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    Powerlines fall onto Opitz Boulevard, Sentara traffic rerouted


    WOODBRIDGE, Va. — A crash on Opitz Boulevard near Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center brought power lines crashing down. 

    Police and fire and rescue crews were called to the area of Opitz and Potomac Center boulevards in Woodbridge about 9:30 a.m. The eastbound lanes of the Opitz Boulevard were temporarily closed, and at least one lane in the eastbound direction was closed to traffic. 

    Ambulances carrying patients to Sentara were rerouted to the hospital’s entrance using Potomac Center Boulevard.

    NOVEC was called to repair the lines.

    Police have not released details on the crash, or if anyone was charged in the incident.

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