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Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads: ‘I think you know traffic is a lot like water’

Thanks for coming to our Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads Think Tank.

We had more than 60 people come to Simmons Hall at Buckhall Volunteer Fire Station to exchange ideas, and to hear from public officials about improvements that could be made to Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads — a major commuter route between Fairfax and Prince William counties.

We’ve got a recap story in the works, but we wanted to answer a few of the submitted audience questions that we didn’t get a chance to address last night.

Over the coming days, we’ll post those questions and the responses from officials here on Potomac Local.

The first question:

“Should we take measures to encourage measures that tell drivers to use Prince Wiliam Parkway instead of Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads?”

Virginia Department of Transportation Prince William County Liason Richard “Dic” Burke said:


“A lot of speakers tonight talked about fixing the major corridors — Route 28, Route 123, Route 1– and that takes up a lot of money. I think you know traffic is a lot like water. Traffic is going to go the easiest route, so if you make the route better for these major roadways the traffic will go ahead and use it.”

But when it comes to improving the two-lane Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads, there’s limited room to do so without taking private property.

“I think the opportunity here is that you’ve got limited right-of-way, limited lanes with a lot of impacts. That’s the situation that you’re into right here.”

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  • tbornottb

    The counties take private property all the time for road widening. I don’t want anyone to lose their land but seems that the houses-mostly mc-mansions are set back far enough to allow some land to go for the road. Of course I am sure those residents have the money to fight any widening. We personally know first hand what happens when land is used for widening and horrific congestion on Davis Ford and Yates Ford is much worse that where we live but they took the land anyway.

    The options to ease this congestion are so very limited. I can’t believe the survey from the meeting asked if changed to VRE or bus service would help…..REALLY?

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