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‘We expanded our boundary line because most of Stafford County doesn’t have a Little League Charter’

From an email: 

We have expanded our DTQ Little League. Originally, prior to expansion, our boundary covered north of Garrisonville Rd (in Stafford County), including Aquia Harbour.
The existing schools that are already in our boundary before expansion include:
Kate Walter Barrett E.S.
Moncure E.S.
Widewater E.S.
Heim M.S.
With our expansion southward into Stafford County, we have added the following schools within our new boundary line:
Anthony Burns E.S.
Garrisonville E.S.
Hampton Oaks E.S.
Margaret Brent E.S.
Park Ridge E.S.
Rock Hill E.S.
Stafford E.S.
Winding Creek E.S.
H.H. Poole M.S.
Stafford M.S.
Rodney E. Thompson M.S.
A.G. Wright M.S.
Brooke Point H.S. 
Colonial Forge H.S.
Mountain View H.S.
North Stafford H.S.
We expanded our boundary line because most of Stafford County doesn’t have a Little League Charter and our league is the closest if kids want to play Little League. Compared to other Little Leagues in the Northern Virginia area, ours is relatively small.
We will be able to create more teams for increased variety and competition. We’ll have a larger pool of parents to volunteer for various facets of the league such as filling Board positions, increasing ideas, and becoming managers/coaches. We’ll increase our competitiveness in post-season play-All-Stars and Fun Tournament. We’ll increase our revenue to purchase new equipment.
So hopefully there is enough information here to advertise for our league.  Our Little League is commonly referred to as “DTQ Little League”  The DTQ stands for “Dumfries-Triangle-Quantico”.

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  • KC

    So my question is, does Stafford have any 90-ft fields DTQ can use? Because if not, adding four new middle schools and four new high schools means a lot more upper-level players, and still just ONE 90-ft field (which we already have too many teams using).

    • Cindy Ludington

      Sure they do, the league will just need to apply for permits. Permits and fields are assessed each season based on the division size.

      • KC

        I ask because there are plenty of school-owned 90-ft fields in the original DTQ boundaries, but DTQ has permission to use none of them. DTQ currently has only one lighted field at their disposal, and scheduling practices and games is already difficult. Adding more players without more fields will only make the problem worse. Hopefully something can be worked out.

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