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Name changes proposed for Route 1, fire department

WOODBRIDGE — Supervisor Frank Principi on Tuesday introduced a proposed ordinance to change the name of a volunteer fire and rescue company, and the name of the main thoroughfare that runs through his district.

Principi proposed changing the name of Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) in Woodbridge, named after the president of the Confederacy. He also proposes to change the name of Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department outside Manassas, one of the busiest fire companies in Prince William County.

“I do not believe it is appropriate to glorify what was a very dark and difficult time in this country, and in this county,” said Principi.

The Board of Supervisors is slated to take up the proposal at its regular 7:30 p.m. meeting on Sept. 19.

“We will have lots of discussions,” said Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman At-large, Corey Stewart, who earlier this year campaign for governor and started flying the Confederate flag is more about southern heritage rather than horning hate.

“Good,” replied Principi.

Brentsville District Supervisor Jeanine Lawson suggested holding a series of community forums to talk about the issues of racism in the community, as a way to provide healing to those impacted.

“Of course all of us up here condemn white supremacy, but your resolution to rename roads is political posturing,” said Lawson.

The move comes after Alexandria is taking steps to rename the portion of Route 1 that traverses that city.

Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department was founded in 1969.

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  • Ken Woods

    Roots in California. Probably not taught the American History we learned here in Virginia. It appears that his most coveted “cause” is Frank Principi.

    Bachelors, Political Science, American History
    1979 – 1984

    Causes Frank cares about:
    Animal Welfare
    Arts and Culture
    Civil Rights and Social Action
    Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
    Economic Empowerment
    Human Rights
    Poverty Alleviation
    Science and Technology
    Social Services

    • scavok

      Is your “version” of American History the one that pretends the Civil War was over states rights and not slavery?

      • Ken Woods

        John C. Calhoun, spokesman for the slave-plantation system, was democrat. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, was a democrat. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General and early member of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was a democrat. Robert Byrd, leader of the 1964 Civil Rights Act filibuster was a democrat. Frank Principi, despite the questionable history of the democrat party, chooses to be democrat.

        • scavok

          So you’re (I’m sure willfully) ignorant on the difference between modern and historic party ideologies. Otherwise, please explain to me why democrats then receive 90%+ of the black vote?

          Prior to the Civil Rights movement, I almost certainly would much more closely align with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. That doesn’t mean my views change with the party, it means the political parties change. In a 2 party system, that evolution is much faster than you see in other countries, where parties also grow and fade with movements, rather require two existing parties to always take opposite ends of a movement.

          • Ken Woods

            Alinsky’s 5th Rule for Radials: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.“

    • ROB 1


  • tbornottb

    This whole renaming and tearing down thing is the snowball from HELL

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