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Jeff Dove Leads African American citizens across Virginia in calling out Northam’s despicable racial attacks on Gillespie

Woodbridge, Virginia – African American congressional candidate, Iraq War veteran, and small businessman, denounced Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam for using the Klu Klux Klan as political leverage in this year’s elections.

Jeff Dove who is seeking the GOP nomination in the 11th Congressional District, said Northam was giving the racist organization attention it neither deserved nor warranted. The Klan has said it will hold a rally in Charlottesville and Northam has tried to accuse Republican nominee Ed Gillespie of failing to sufficiently denounce the plan.

“The Ku Klux Klan is despicable. So is using them for political leverage the way Ralph Northam and the Democrats are trying to do,” Dove said.

“As an African American man I am well aware of the Klan and its origins in the Democrat-dominated deep south. I’m a Republican because it is the GOP that was founded to end slavery and has had to stand up to the Democrat party repeatedly to defend the concept of equality for all. Today, the Klan barely exists and Ralph Northam is giving them the attention they crave by trying to inject them into the governor’s race,” Dove said.

Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg School Board Member reacted to this incident by stating.

“We need leadership in Richmond who will rise above the type of politics that uses race-based accusations and innuendo. Our Commonwealth deserves better from the Ralph Northam campaign. Ed Gillespie is the type of leader our state needs to bring people together, not divide and tear us apart.” 

“While Northam tries to divide us Gillespie will be the one to bring us together so that Virginia can once again take its place as one of the top states in the country.” Dove said

Laquan Austion, Stafford County resident and candidate for House of Delegates District 2 expressed his thoughts.

“When politics becomes driven by race baiting and divisive techniques it’s a race to the bottom. Our politics needs to reflect the best of humanity and the things that brings communities together. While Northam goes low, we will go high.” 

Shannon Kendrick an African American resident from Norfolk echoed Dove’s comments.

“Elections in the Commonwealth have traditionally been about policy. Today’s invitation from Ralph Northam asking Ed Gillespie to join him in condemning the KKK in Charlottesville as if Ed couldn’t and wouldn’t, is a race-baiting antic that is, in my opinion, beneath the Ralph Northam campaign. Virginia voters, and the African-American community, deserve better than that. Ed’s past actions have demonstrated that he has been above reproach on race-related matters and has issued many statements in the past supporting this fact. I call on Ralph Northam to raise his campaign’s standard, apologize to Ed Gillespie, and stop trying to insinuate something about Ed that obviously isn’t true.”

Henrico resident Terone Green echoed similar views.

“As an independent, I’m disappointed that politics today have become so partisan and accusatory. Virginia has normally been above this. Today’s suggestion about Ed Gillespie and the KKK rally is beneath the office of Governor or anyone running for it. I hope this is not the type of campaign that Ralph Northam intends on running.”

Davon Gray a resident of Woodbridge had a sentiment along the same lines.

“This year, Virginia has the opportunity to elect a Governor that will help improve our state and also raise the standard for how we do politics. Ed Gillespie is a good man who respects everyone and cares about all Virginians, no matter their race, religion or background. It is important that this year’s election focus on the issues and how we can move our state forward.”

Across the Commonwealth, Virginians are calling on Northam to halt the attacks and apologize to both Gillespie and the state’s African American community.

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  • scavok

    “As an African American man I am well aware of the Klan and its origins in the Democrat-dominated deep south. I’m a Republican because it is the GOP that was founded to end slavery and has had to stand up to the Democrat party repeatedly to defend the concept of equality for all. ”

    Lol, how is it that the election this year is actually taking place with pre-1965 politics? Mind is blown. Whoever wrote this had to have felt really dirty afterwards.

    You can educate yourself on some American political history a bit here:

    Or you can just ask yourself… What presidential candidate do you think the KKK members themselves, as the foil in this propaganda piece, likely voted for last year? What candidate invigorated neo-nazis, alt-right, and white supremacist ideologie? Hint: that candidate is now President and a member of your party.

    • Curtis
      • scavok

        Really? Do you really exist in an alternate political reality?


        • Curtis

          Snopes didn’t say this was not true, they said they couldn’t verify it. The guy was interviewed on several news channels. I saw him endorse her. That’s a confirmation from Snopes. They always say it’s false. They’re a George Soros financed liberal organization. Please don’t tell me you rely on them for fact checking scavok! There’s your problem.

          • scavok

            “I saw him endorse her.”

            Says about all that anyone needs to hear about you, your character, and your morals. Not even worth engaging with someone of your character. Hope you enjoy your miserable life.

          • scavok

            Ok, clearly it’s too much to expect a deplorable to comprehend a few paragraphs. Lets say some random KKK leader that nobody has ever heard of actually did endorse Hillary in a non-tongue-in-cheek manner. I guess the only logical explanation for Trump receiving a mere 8% of the African American vote, despite such an incredibly meaningful endorsement, is that his 4th grade vocabulary wasn’t able to successfully convey his minority-friendly policies and views. Lol.

            How about you back the prospect that Republicans best represent minority voters in today’s political environment with actual policies? Give me a few examples Republican support of policies that disproportionately benefit minorities outweigh Democrat support. Affirmative Action? Section 8 housing? Food stamps? Stringent voter ID laws? War on drugs? Private prisons? Community policing vs mass incarceration?

            Good luck.

  • Curtis

    The Clintons are racists from way back in the day. Brother Billy too….

  • JootJoint

    No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

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