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Dumfries ‘Council must vote to set aside funding…to finish the remainder of Tebbs Lane’

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Last month, we posted a portion of an email from a resident who lives in the Knolls of Dumfries neighborhood who wanted to know why the culdesacs in her neighborhood were paved, but the main street Tebbs Lane was not.

On Sunday, Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman penned this response to her via email and also copied Potomac Local. 

Here’s a portion of that email from Foreman: 

“I have had Knolls of Dumfries on my priorities to get repaved for two-years now.  As Interim-Town Manager, the Public Works Director and I made the decision to pave the Knolls of Dumfries. Being a small-town the challenge is that there are limited funds available to be spread amongst quite a few programs.  My street as well has not been paved in 11 years (since the development was turned over to the Town).  It is important that once a project is started, it is funded from start to finish.

Knolls of Dumfries roads/streets are being addressed in a two-phase process.  With FY17 monies the cul-de-sac’s in Knolls of Dumfries were accomplished. With FY18 monies Council must vote to set aside funding to be available to finish the remainder of Tebbs Lane.  

I requested Public Works include to Council a Paving Report so that Council can prioritize street maintenance.  The Public Works Report (attached) is for the 2 May 2017 Council Meeting.  The report identifies on page 12 that approximately $144,000 is required to finish the milling and repaving in the Knolls of Dumfries.”


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