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Comstock speaks in Manassas while protesters line sidewalk


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MANASSAS, Va. — Rep. Barbara Comstock spoke today at the Rotary Club of Manassas.

We’re told the Republican representing Virginia’s 10th Congressional District discussed rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, and about replacing Obamacare with a new GOP-backed plan.

Constituents for days have urged Comstock, and other GOP lawmakers to hold a town hall meeting about the health care issue. They’re using Indivisible Guide website, which touts itself as “a practical guide to resisting the Trump agenda” to organize their efforts.

Protestors stood outside the Rotary Club meeting, held at the Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory in Downtown Manassas, while Comstock spoke.

Potomac Local called Comstock’s office seeking a statement for this post but has yet to hear back. We’ll post any statement from Comstock’s office in this post when/if we receive it.

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  • ROB 1

    these people will do anything to block progress

  • Nancy Mesok Rose

    I seems this may be the only way to get her attention. I had called and spoken with her aides several times and have emailed her several more times. Have had not response. I am an independent voter and I had voted for her. She only has phone town halls, which can be very frustrating as it seems I never get to ask my questions.

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