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Crack shot? Stewart raffles AR-15 assault rifle in Virginia governor bid

Here’s a way to get attention for your bid to be Virginia’s next governor: Give away an assault rifle.

Here’s a snippet from an email from Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, who is also a Republican candidate for Governor in 2017:

I’ve always believed the Second Amendment is fundamental to a true understanding of individual liberty.

It may not be “politically correct” to say it . . .

. . . but the Founders didn’t include the Second Amendment solely for future generations of Americans who wanted to enjoy hunting or a little target shooting on Saturdays.

Of course, those things are fun and important.

But you and I both know the reason the Founders included the Second Amendment is because they understood that if Americans are to remain a free people, you and I must be able to defend our persons, property, and liberties.

If elected to be your next Governor, you can be 100% CERTAIN I will never compromise on your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Our liberties come from our Creator.

And the government exists to protect our life and liberties — not to “manage” them.

That’s why I firmly believe our right to self-defense — enshrined in the Second Amendment to our Constitution — is not negotiable.

I pledge to you that I will protect and defend the Second Amendment with everything I’ve got. Not only that, but I’ll work hard to fully restore the gun rights of every law-abiding citizen in Virginia.

But I can’t do it without your help and support.

Stewart unveiled the enter-to-win campaign fundraiser this weekend in Richmond.

He is one of four GOP hopefuls to win back the governor’s mansion next year. Ed Gillespie who mounted an unsuccessful campaign against Sen. Mark Warner in 2014 and Virginia State Senator Frank Wagner are all candidate for the Republican nomination.

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for Governor.

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