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Surovell supports Medicaid expansion, tough on car title lenders

Letter to the editor

Virginia State Delegate Scott Surovell has done an excellent job in the House of Delegates and is running to replace Senator Toddy Puller who is retiring.

Delegate Surovell has an excellent record as an advocate of all the people. One of his key pieces of legislation bans texting and driving, a life-saving piece of key legislation.

He is also supporting enhanced regulation of predatory car title lenders. He supports expansion of Medicaid coverage for people who do not have health insurance. This key piece of legislation would help to support health care for some 400,000 Virginians, 20,000 of which live in Prince William County. Virginia loses some $1.0 billion per year in federal Medicaid dollars. This also runs down the financial condition of all hospitals, and especially those in rural areas of the State.  

On November 3, please consider voting for Scott Surovell for our State Senator.

Kevin M. Raymond lives in Woodbridge.

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  • The Godfather

    Medicaid Expansion? Really? How about lowering our taxes and reel in the waste in government spending? Is this the best priority for your campaign you can come up with? During your debate with Jerry Foreman you were in favor of body cameras for all police. You didn’t explain how you were going to pay for it. This is another bleeding heart liberal stance. Let’s implement a program, we’ll figure out how to pay for it later. I’ll vote for Jerry Foreman for delegate!

  • Trust but Verify

    Delegate Surovell vote no to the last years budget. He is a proven tax and spend proponent. Delegate Surovell is talking a lot, but his record doesn’t reflect what he is saying. People need to look this guy up. He is ranked in the bottom 10% of Delegates that has successfully passed legislation over the past five years. Prince William County does not need this guy.

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