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Coyote Spotted in Parking Lot of Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center




WOODBRIDGE, Va. — There’s been another coyote sighting in Prince William County, this time at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center in Woodbridge.

The hospital confirms an animal, believed to be a coyote, was spotted running through the parking lot about 11 a.m. The animal was then seen headed toward a wooded area and then disappeared and was not seen again.

A Prince William Animal Control Officer who was later called to the hospital learned the animal was seen lying on a mulch bed and then again toward the back of the building, said Prince William police spokesman Mark Merriman.

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center spokeswoman Corianne Pafford said a vendor making a delivery to the hospital first noticed the animal and took photos of it which were handed over the animal control officer.

The coyote sighting comes after the Prince William Health District office last week issued a warning about  a coyote that was spotted in the Buckhall section of the county, just outside Manassas.

Merriman said the construction happening at the Sentara campus could have disturbed the animal’s habit. Coyotes are territorial and will prey on small dogs and cats if left unattended, according to the Prince William Health District office.

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  • Greg Letiecq

    Why would the existence of a species of wildlife possibly be of concern to the Prince William Health District Office? Are they so underutilized that they now have to pretend to have experience and credentials for wildlife management and spend their time talking about coyotes?

    Been seeing them for years now in the County. Go figure government discovers this years later and is now embarking on a “get to know your neighborhood animals” public information tour lead by people armed with all the knowledge that the book “Peter Rabbit” can provide.

    • Daniel

      I think the reason it is a possible issue is because Coyote are known rabies carriers.

      Even if the PW Health District Office does next to nothing, a little awareness never hurt anyone.

  • C4talyst

    Animal spotted outdoors…film at 11.

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