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Child Dies Days After He Was Pulled from Aquia Harbour Swimming Pool

NORTH STAFFORD, Va. — A child found lifeless in a swimming pool and later taken to a hospital for treatment has died.

A patron of the Aquia Harbour swimming pool pulled 4-year-old Rico Rivera-Brayshaw from the water at 7:34 p.m. Sunday after he was found floating the pool, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy. Lifeguards at the pool began CPR on the child and fire and rescue crews summoned to the pool then took over, added Kennedy.

The child was later taken to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond where he died on Tuesday. A witness told Potomac Local News the child appeared to be lifeless once pulled from the swimming pool.

A GoFundMe page entitled “In Memory of Rico” has been established to assist the family with funeral costs to bury the child. The fund had reached more than $1,200 by 2 p.m. Thursday.

Today, in Aquia Harbour, was the first day the swimming pool reopened on their regular schedule. The gated community’s police chief Patricia Harman said lifeguards at the pool received additional training prior to the swimming pool resuming normal hours.

“As a result of incident analysis some procedures have been changed to enhance safety. In addition, our lifeguards have received refresher training and critical incident support,” Harman stated on Aquia Harbour’s Facebook page.

Harman’s small police department handed over the investigation into the incident to the larger Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. That office asked for the community’s thoughts and prayers for the child’s family at this difficult time.

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    How did the child drown if lifeguards were present?

  • Belle Downey-Bennitt

    This was a very tragic ACCIDENT where a family lost a young child. Pointing fingers and blame game towards the lifeguards is so beyond inappropriate. Prayers and thoughts with this family

    • kate

      I agree no one should point fingers however that day at the pool someone asked why there was only one lifeguard out at 12ft and there were other children swimming in other areas Of pool andthe person was given a smartass reply from lifeguard. There were 5 other lifeguards in the check in area. Two were sword fighting with noodles one was eating and the others were just in there. They dont need 5 lifeguards in a check in area. I think it was a horrific accident and im sure those lifeguards will be scarred for life from this. But I do think changes need to be made in reguards to the lifeguarding staff and they need to take their job more seriously now that they first hand saw how accidents can happen. No lifeguards arent babysitters but they are there incase an acciden should arise as one did on that day. If there is only one guard on at 12ft that I have witnessed myself when on post goofs off and talks to friends in water below how are they going to get to the 3ft or baby pool in time. They arent. I feel horrible for the parent because no parent should have to lose a child. I just think this should be an eye opener for all parents and lifeguards all around. Its very sad that this happened but I have witnessed myself the lack of supervision from the young lifeguards.

  • Michele Alley

    Agreed Belle! It’s a horrific ACCIDENT. When your own child falls, gets a cut, scrapes their knee, do people point their finger at you, the parent for letting that happen? Things happen, in the blink of an eye, this is not a time to point fingers and place blame, I’m sure all that were involved, have ladled enough guilt on themselves. Right now they need strength to try and get through this, and face another day.

  • ComeOnPeople

    Wow.. You are a discrace to society..
    Someone lost their baby!!! And you think it is appropriate to attack race!

    • Truth

      Guest above is a disgrace to the human race, his real name is
      Klisiewecz(his last name). He’s from
      Bayville New Jersey but lives in Virginia now.
      It’s a shame he would say such things and have family that lives in
      Aquia harbor and Woodbridge. Well sir
      sorry to out you but you’ve brought this on yourself with your grossly inappropriate
      comments. What would your family (Chris,
      Travis, or Megan) say if they knew you wrote these things? Will this “please
      the Master”

      • Klisiewecz

        This is libel.

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