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It’s Going to Cost More to Use Stafford County Parks

STAFFORD, Va. — Get ready to pay more to use a Stafford County park.

The county’s Board of Supervisors voted to raise park fees for the first time since 2009. The higher fees are expected to net $160,000 in new revenue for the county.

Fees collected at soon-to-be built Chichester and Embrey Mill parks are also expected to net $50,000 in additional revenue for the county.

Fees are being hiked on everything ranging from field rentals to the cost of summer camp. It will also cost more to rent facilities at the county’s Rowser Building on U.S 1, which includes a community kitchen.

A full list of the old, as well as newly approved fees are posted on the county’s website.

Here’s a brief explanation of why the fees went up, which was also published on the site:

In order to maintain on-going and consistent efforts at cost recovery, staff believes that it is time to revisit the County’s fee structure to align more closely with the costs required to maintain the County’s Park assets in good working order. The goal is to maintain the value of the assets, to keep parks and facilities in safe and reliable operating condition, and to support current citizen usage.

The higher fees go into effect July 1.

The increased fees come as the Board of Supervisors also raised property taxes an average of $74 per home owner. While real estate assessments in the county are up and are the driving force of increased taxes, officials lowered the property tax rate to $1.019 from $1.07 per $100 of assessed value.

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