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Bowlers See Red: Too Much Color for Dale City?

DALE CITY, Va. — A bowling alley in Dale City is painted red.

The recently painted building, which once was blue, is now a bit louder and easier to see by passersby on Dale Boulevard.

Calls to the bowling alley’s owner Bowlmor AMF Lanes were not returned, so we don’t know what the thought process was behind the repainting of the bowling alley.

The look of the new building was recently mentioned during a recent meeting of the Neabsco Action Alliance which was held at the Prince William County Government Center.

So, what do you think about the bowling alley’s tomato red appearance? Does it fit with the rest of the neighborhood filled with strip malls? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  • I
    think most localities have rules, regulations and ordinances that
    ensure more subtle colors. Dale Boulevard looks like the Wild West with
    all the different colors, styles, signs in the air, neon, varying roof
    lines, architecture, etc. Most localities would require a courtesy review
    (at minimum) for citizen input.

    I did not complain about the color to my supervisor, I certainly understand the
    complaints from many residents. I do appreciate the building was painted, though!

  • William Golden

    Red is just fine. Everything around it is so drab and worn out that seeing fresh paint is nice. It is neither distracting nor an eyesore … although much of the stuff around it is.

  • Justin Corwin

    It looks great. We were surprised how nice the place was when we went there a few months ago. Too many real problems to be worried about a fresh coat of paint. Hope it inspires the rest of the area to look inviting too.

  • Those are the colors of the flags of Indonesia and Monaco. Maybe the owners were going for an international flavor.

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