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Google Street View Car Spotted on Parkway

By Potomac Local April 17, 2014 3:09 pm

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 WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Smile. You could soon be on an updated version of Google Street View.

One of the Subaru Imprezas used by internet giant Google to capture street-level views of neighborhoods and highways, and a panoramic camera that does the job, was seen driving on Prince William Parkway and later on Caton Hill Road in Woodbridge this afternoon.

The company reports it is currently surveying counties like Fairfax and Arlington but does not list Prince William or Stafford at this time. But who knows when the Google car will return to your street?

The imaging equipment appeared to be encased and not in use while traveling on Prince William Parkway. The driver was the only person inside the car.

The images produced by the car and its equipment can be seen on the Google’s popular Maps feature. While capturing the 3-D images, the car also uses lasers to help show how tall a building is, as well as its location and distance from the Google car, according to Google’s website.

Since rolling out the Street View feature in 2007, Google has captured images across the U.S., and in portions of Canada, South America, South Africa, Russia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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