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Candidates File for Town Elections, Get Names on Ballots

Updated March 31, 2014

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Election season is heating up for the four towns in Prince William County.

The towns of Dumfries, Haymarket, Occoquan, and Quantico will all vote for mayors and Town Council members. Votes in Occoquan will select a new mayor after current Mayor Earnie Porta announced his will not seek a new term.

Here is the list of candidates who will have their names on the ballot come Election Day May 5.

Names appearing on ballots in each of the Prince William County Towns’ Elections as of March, 31, 2014:

Dumfries Haymarket  Occoquan Quantico
Gerald M. Foreman II (Incumbent) David M. Leake (Incumbent) Elizabeth A. C. Quist

Kevin P. Brown (Incumbent)

Willie J. Toney Josh M. Mattox   Iris Ross Tharp
Gwen P. Washington (Incumbent) Steven C. Aitken (Incumbent) Tyler C. Brown Peggy L. Alexander (Incumbent)
Derrick R. Wood (Incumbent) Matthew E. Caudle J. Matthew Dawson Earlene D. Clinton (Incumbent)
Kristin Forrester (Incumbent) Milton J. Kenworthy (Incumbent) Joseph E. McGuire, Jr. (Incumbent) Sammoto Yomosa Dabney
Cydny Neville Christopher S. Morris James A. Drakes Tom E. Davis
  Joseph R. Pasanello Patrick A. Sivigny (Incumbent) Mary Lou DiMarzio
  Pamela L. Swinford   John L. Hallman
  Kurtis W. Woods   Albert R. Gasser, Jr.
  Nicole V. Zimnoch   Russell V. “Rusty” Kuhns (Incumbent)
      Virginia Macfarlan (Incumbent)


All interested candidates have until Monday to file their paperwork to the Prince William County Office of Elections to have their name appear on the ballot.

Here are a few other notes about the upcoming elections:

The Town Elections will be Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

The deadline for candidates to submit all the required paperwork is 7 pm on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

The last day to register to vote in the Town Elections is Monday, April 14, 2014.

Absentee voting begins Friday, March 21, 2014.

The last day to request an AB by mail is Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

The last day to vote AB in person is Saturday, May 3, 2014. DMV and the Main office will be open all day (8 am – 5 pm and 9 am – 5 pm, respectively).

 * Louis Parino failed to submit the required paperwork to the Prince William County Office of Elections and did not qualify to have his name listed on the ballot. 

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  • The Godfather

    Jerry Foreman is knowledgable, fair and has a work ethic that we haven’t seen in the Mayor’s seat in a long time. The citizens of Dumfries should be proud to have a moyor like Jerry Foreman, He has stayed on top of issues concerning the town. He has worked tirelessly on the Route 1 expansion this is very important because once the expansion is complete, Main Street will be turned over to the town and the beautification projects can begin. He also wants to continue to lower taxes for Dumfries citizens and that is a good thing for all. Keep up the good work Jerry. On the other hand his opponent, Willie Toney wants social programs to expand which will increase taxes and during 2 council meetings said ” You all go ahead with the budget because that’s not my expertise.” Really! Really! A council member that doesn’t want to participate in the budget process? Really? A council person is in there for 2 reasons, to help create and approve a budget and make policy decisions. Do the citizens really need a person like Willie Toney who esentially knows nothing about the job he is elected to do? I think not. Gerald Foreman for Mayor!

  • Anonymous

    Willie Toney…a drug abuser for mayor???

    Remember the embarrassment Marion Barry brought on DC? Dumfries can ill-afford such shame and Willie Toney as mayor will surely being that upon the town.

    • Watchful Citizen

      Saying that Mr. Toney is a drug abuser may be a little harsh. He may sometimes act like he’s on drugs, but I think that’s just him naturally!

      I agree with Godfather, Mr. Toney clearly has no idea how to work a budget as Mr. Toney is consistently stating himself. Why would our Town want a Mayor who has no working knowledge of the budget process, who spends money without clear definition as to where it’s going and who won’t EVEN think about lowering taxes….that’s MY money and every other citizens money he’s spending freely at his every whim.

      I have to throw in that Mr. Toney changes rules and policy like he changes his socks…..whenever a rule or policy stinks or doesn’t agree with what he’s wearing that day he changes it without regard as to why it was put into place. Then he gets upset when Mayor Foreman calls him on it!

      Mr. Toney will bankrupt our Town and have so many people confused about our policies that no one will know what’s going on.

      Dumfries is just now becoming a Town that other Towns and Cities are taking seriously and that’s because of Mayor Foreman’s hard work. He is reaching out and letting everyone know that we’re here and we mean business. Why would we want to take 10 steps back by having Mr. Toney as Mayor???!!

    • It was noted at the last counsel meeting on March 4, 2014, that Willie Toney stated that he does not look at his Town of Dumfries e-mails when he is working at his day job. So he had now idea when the Town of Dumfries put out a Snow Emergency Alert until he came home! The Town of Dumfries does not need a Mayor that will not even read his e-mails when a Emergency happens in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Who is Louis A. Praino?

    • Watchful Citizen

      Well, he’s NOT Forrester, Wood, Washington, Neville or Toney so that has to say something for him!!

      If I have my facts straight, Mr. Praino is on the Town Planning Commission and filled in on the Council for 6 months when they were short a seat.

  • Willie Toney Supporter

    I have voted for Mr.Toney through two elections. He has been supportive of community development even though he clearly doesn’t understand how a budget works. He has been a strong advocate for social programs at the expense of taxpayers and I have supported this to a certain extent. I am a middle class income homeowner and as a democrat I feel I can support social programs to a point.

    With the election approaching I have seen a change in Mr. Toney who is now lying to get votes for mayor. At the March 4 council meeting he blamed snow evacuation towing on town government. All night all he did was mention how bad of a call it was. Mayor Foreman took the fall for staff and Mr. Toney then verbally accosted the Mayor. It was clear from Mr. Toney’s statement last night that he feels he only represents lower income families. He could care less about middle income voters therefore it is clear he does not represent my interests. He taxes my income to pay for Ginn Park and social programs but if I don’t live in the South Cove he could care less about me personally.

    Mr. Toney takes credit when things go right but his character does not allow for accepting any responsibility for blame when something goes wrong. He needs to learn to make his point and then shut up. Sometimes less is more.

    I voted for Vice-Mayor Toney and Mayor Foreman at the last election because I thought Mr. Toney would work with the Mayor to better the town. Mr. Toney is a very petty person and does not work well with this Mayor at all. I will support Mayor Gerry Foreman on election day.

    • Where is Da-Beef

      Finally get Toney and Councilwoman Reynolds to say they talked to elected officials. Toney says Mayor Porta told him how to act and Reynolds all she can talk about how Momma Caddigan took her to lunch! Toney didn’t apply anything Porta taught him and Caddigan can be proud of the way Reynold’s eats. Reynold’s favorate line, “Where’s the beef?”

  • Williamstown Tow

    Okay I live in Williamstown and I am one of the people that got their car towed. I watched the council meeting today on tv and took the time to read the town ordinance. I am pissed at my hoa for not informing me of the impending tow. I am more angered at councilman Toney for blaming everyone when evidently he got an e-mail just like everyone else. This cost me over 250 dollars but it cost councilman toney a vote. The police department tried to help but my car is not registered in the town yet. Mayor Foreman at least stood up and took responsibility for the town. At least the Mayor asked for a rewiew of the ordinance.

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