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Widespread Bed Bug Claim Inside Prince William Government Center Disputed

Fear not: giant bed bugs, not even small ones, will feast on you this evening at the Board of County Supervisors meeting.

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the county’s Government Center on Prince William Parkway was the scene of a bed bug infestation. All of this while many residents and some protesters are expected to descend onto the building tonight as county and School Board officials meet to discuss the FY2014 budget.

The bedbugs that were found inside the center were found only inside specific offices and not inside the public Board of Supervisors Chambers. The affected portions of the building have already been treated by a professional pest company, said Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant. 

Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant posted this on the Washington Post website:

Unfortunately, this article grossly misrepresents the facts of the matter. There is no “infestation” of bedbugs in the McCoart building as is reported here. There were isolated areas of bedbug activity found in the building and those areas were treated yesterday. The Board Chamber and public areas of the County Complex are safe from bedbugs, so residents and the public are not at risk by attending the meeting. I hope this gives some clarification.

Special bug-sniffing dogs were brought in and found bugs in the building’s mail room, offices of budget and communication, and the lobby of the building.

This reporter has been at the Government Center all afternoon and has yet to spot a bed bug.


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  • It’s the ones they didn’t find that worry me.

  • Skepical

    I”m sorry, but Mr. Grant’s advice to the public in that Washington Post article doesn’t inspire confidence.

    “However, he said that may want to keep their purses and laptop bags off the floor when they visit the building, since bugs can sneak in and come home in their bags. Visitors might also consider removing their shoes and shaking them out before getting into their cars, Grant said.

    He said they can avoid wearing cuffed pants where bugs can lurk, and they can put their clothing and bags in a dryer for half an hour to kill any stowaway bugs with the heat.” – Jason Grant, WP article.

    “…anyone who is aware of the infestation…”? For those who don’t know (since there was no warning given to the public): surprise!

    I hope those Lacrosse Moms check their kids carefully when they go home this evening.

  • Transparency Office :(

    The problem is the half truths that are getting spun here by Jason. Only parts of McCoart have been treated so far. While this is good news, other areas have not. So guess what, when someone travels from an untreated area to a then treated area, it again becomes an area with bed bugs. Thank you to the Washington Post for reporting it like it is, unlike some other papers!

  • It doesn’t matter where the bed bugs were found.

    This is a public building. I never assume, but I’d venture to guess no one sleeps here. Bed Bugs are nocturnal. As long as no one is sleeping here this is a stop on that bed bugs way to…It’s a bus stop.

    Bed Bugs are hitchikers…The only way they could get into this building was by hitching a ride with someone entering tbe building…was it a worker? Was it a citizen doing business? If it’s a worker who has a problem at their home, the bed bugs will continue to be dilivered until the problem at the employees home is eliminated. Obviously, this can be difficult to impossible to solve.

    “Infestation” gives the impression that there is a LARGE number of bed bugs. I’ve been in the pest control business for almost 30 years. A handfull of bed bugs is not an infestation. Don’t get me wrong. One bed bug is one too many, but not an infestation.

    “It’s been treated”. This gives the impression that the problem is gone. YOU DON’T HAVE TO TREAT THE BUILDING…again, this is a bus stop for bed bugs. Treating a public building where no one sleeps and bed bugs cannot really get a foot hold is just a feel good that doesn’t stop the problem. Who is bringing the bugs into the building. You can treat daily forever. It’s not going to stop the delivery….

    The bottom line? Knowing what I know, there’s nothing you can do to stop bed bugs from going from point a to point b. I travel quite a bit. I’m sure I’ve been on planes, train and in hotels or buses that had bed bugs. I’m just carefull about where I place items, sit or sleep. I wash clothing immediately when I return from a trip. This kills BB (mainly drying on high heat).

    Demanding no bed bugs in a building is like saying I don’t want anyone with a cold that I can catch enter this building.

  • If there are bed bugs in the mailroom, then there is a good chance they could be spread around by the person distributing the mail. If they are in the lobby, then there is a good chance they were spread by the visitors going to different parts of the building.
    Only by a complete inspection of the whole building can there be a qualified assurance that there is not a wider spread infestation.
    Orkin doesn’t have their own bed bug dog detection teams. And there are plenty of canine detection teams out there that aren’t licensed, certified or insured.

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