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Toney Challenging Foreman for Mayor of Dumfries

Willie J. Toney announced this past weekend that he will seek the mayor’s chair on the Dumfries Town Council.

Toney, a Democrat, currently serves as the town’s Vice Mayor and is looking to unseat the man he sits next to on the council dais, Republican Mayor Jerry Foreman, who is also seeking reelection.

Elected to his current post two years ago, Toney is currently is in the middle of serving his second term on the Council. As mayor, he said he would like to see more community services to senior citizens provided by the town.

As for the town’s current budget, he says Dumfries does a good job providing for its residents.

“The council has set certain priorities – we maintain our police force, we maintain our public works, our street cleaning, our trash pick up, storm water management… we’ve been doing a pretty good job of doing that and I don’t see an imbalance when it comes to that” said Toney.

Of the taxes collected on town residents and business owners, Toney said he would not be in favor of adjusting tax rates.

“I’m not a tax expert, but we have several people including a town manager who work with these issues every day, and if they show that we can reduce taxes without reducing services then I’m all for that,” said Toney.

Toney said he would continue to champion certain causes addressed by town officials in recent years to include widening U.S. 1 to six lanes, the clean up of Quantico Creek, and opposing the reconfiguration of an intersection at U.S. 1 and Va. 234.

Toney has lived in Dumfries with his wife since 1997. He’s retired after working as a juvenile parole officer in Washington, D.C.

Voters will head to the polls on May 6.


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  • Dumfries Listener

    If I remember correctly, Mr. Toney raised our taxes with a promise of lowering them back down, but it took Mayor Foreman to see that this ACTUALLY happened!
    As for Mr. Toney “continuing to champion certain causes…including widening route 1,the clean up of Quantico Creek and opposing the reconfiguration of route 1 and 234”, he has done nothing to further it in the first place! I don’t hear him going to the meetings or meeting with higher elected officials to “champion” these causes. Isn’t it Mayor Foreman who is always reporting about speaking with our higher officials about these issues and Mr. Toney not always understanding what is going on, and even in some cases he looks bored when the Mayor is speaking about these things. Mayor Foreman is doing all the leg work and Mr. Toney thinks he can just waltz in and take over, I think not! Mr. Toney you have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of explaining to do in the eyes of the citizens of Dumfries.

    • concerned Dumfries Citizen

      You don’t speak for all citizens of Dumfries. I personally I’m not Happy with the Mayor or Mr Toney, it is evident they don’t get along & feel they should be trying to work together to make this town better

      • Dumfries First

        Concerned Citizen, are you concerned enough to get involved? The Mayor’s race will take care of itself. Clearly there are two choices based on Mayor Foreman doing something for the town and Vice-Mayor Toney spending taxpayer’s money,using big words and taking no action.

        I served on the council years ago and it’s someone elses turn now. The real race is for council seats. The bigger problem council conduct. Reynolds and Forrester yelling at councilmembers, staff, commission chairs and citizens. And Wood who doesn’t pay property taxes but sure finds ways to spend taxpayers money, this guy sure can spend money. Didn’t he file for bankruptcy once? Now he is driving the town down the same road.

        Toney, Forrester, Reynolds and Wood are all people who say, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

        If you’re concerned, do something about it!

  • Watchful Citizen

    Being a Democrat or a Republican should not play into this article. Any election for the Town of Dumfries should not be about a political party, but about what each candidate can do for our Town. Mr. Toney has been know to break this “code” and bring in his Democrats… that because he thinks he can’t do this on his own merits!!???

  • I am backing Mayor Foreman. He has done more for the Town of Dumfries then Mr. Toney ever has. It seems to me the Willie Toney just looks after himself and not for the best interests of the town or its residents.

  • Gone-Fish’n

    All hail King Toney and his merry court of jesters Councilwoman Reynolds, Councilwoman Forrester and Councilman Wood!

    For possessing a graduate degree she sure does act uneducated and why does she always say she doesn’t understand so much? Maybe she would comprehend more if she paid attention at meetings and stopped talking to Councilwoman Forrester, Vice-Mayor Toney and playing on her laptop.

    Vice-Mayor Toney is running on a platform of getting along with others, yet he is doing nothing to help maintain order during meetings. He talks when others have the floor and he is now to the point where he is telling Councilwoman Reynolds what to say when she is talking. How is this showing leadership?

    I received an e-mail from the Democratic Party of Prince William County announcing Vice-Mayor Toney’s candidacy for Mayor. Delegate Futrell and Congressman Connolly attended the event. How is it that Vice-Mayor Toney didn’t announce that he met with elected officials at the Council Meeting? A smart politician would have discussed town business at the gathering. This guy is out to lunch, what a hypocrite.

    • I did not know that Vice-Mayor Toney had the Democratic Party of Prince William County announcing his candidacy for Mayor of the Town of Dumfries. I thought the elections were nonpartisan.

  • sue

    I watched the town council meeting Tuesday night. I have never been so embarrassed by the conduct of the members of the town council. I am almost ashamed to say that I lived in the Town of Dumfries.

  • sue

    I watched the town council meeting Tuesday night. I have never been so embarrassed by the conduct of the members of the town council. I am almost ashamed to say that I live in the Town of Dumfries.

  • The Godfather

    All postings before mine are absolutely on point! Me. Toney as stated numerous times that he didn’t want to get involved with budget discussions because he didn’t understand the process and that the other council members understood it better than he. And he wants to run for mayor? He stated in his article that he wants to create more social programs, if he understood the budget he would see that there are limited funds for social programs. How is he going to do this you ask? Raise taxes of course. His friends on council Reynolds, Washington, and Wood will do the same and vote right with him. All Washington cares about and knows anything about is the elementary school, Wood just wanted to see the barbque ordinance passed because he is a barbque vendor. Forrester has no idea what’s going on because she never attends. If you want these clowns back in office you yourself are in a sad state of affairs! I will support Foreman in May and if no other candidates run except for the 3 Stooges, my subsequent votes will be write in for Mickey MInnie and Goofey!

  • Outsider Looking In

    I am not a resident of Dumfries, I live in Graham Park. I do get the Council meetings on television. Haymarket, Quantico, Dumfries and Occoquan have been soap operas for years. The big difference with Dumfries at the special election and this election are: Where are the candidates for council?

    The Mayor’s position is only one seat. The Mayor can’t do it by himself. Why aren’t the citizens stepping up to the plate and turning over the council seats?

    You’ve got three seats open and nothing but incumbents are running. Are you saying that you want two more years of this craziness? You have a Mayor that is doing things and a council that is bickering, trading votes and forming Democratic Party alliances.

    There are senior citizens that have experience, there are business professionals that have knowledge, there are young people that have fresh ideas, all these citizens can serve on the council. There are teachers, coaches, scout leaders and mentors who tell younger citizens to take charge and get involved. Where are these leaders of today?

    Dumfries is in need of these people!

    • Outsider Looking In – I agree with your comments. There needs to be more involvement from the Dumfries community. I, as well, would like to see younger or retired citizens get involved in the towns politics and work with the Mayor to make changes for the good in the Town of Dumfries.

  • sue

    It is not really appreciate if you do for things for the town. Ms. Forrester has been quote several times saying that she does not understand why the town has committees, and that they need to answer to the town council.One more thing, the way some staff is treated at a council meeting who turn a lot of people off.

  • sue

    I am sorry on that last sentence i meant it would turn people off.

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