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Win Tickets to Comedian Alex Koll in Lorton or Fredericksburg

Hey folks, we’re giving way two 4-packs of tickets to Cool Cow Comedy Presents Alex Koll at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton or the Courtyard by Marriot on Caroline Street in Fredericksburg. You can bring your friends for a night of laughs on Saturday, Feb. 8 or Sunday, Feb. 9.

All you have to do to win is comment below and tell us why you want to go. We’ll pick the best responses and award the tickets this afternoon.

Please comment by 5 p.m. today to win. We’ll email the winners and tell them how they can grab their free tickets. 

Here’s some biographical info on Koll:

Developing a taste for the absurd at an early age, Alex Koll’s comedy has grown organically to reflect a far-reaching creativity that has two sneakers planted firmly on the ground. His act dips and weaves between what’s right in front of us all and unexpected forays into the strange.

Alex has appeared on TBS’s Conan, Comedy Central’s “Live At Gotham,” and performed at the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, garnering a “Best of New Faces” nod. He has also performed at the SXSW festival, ComedyFest Vancouver, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and SF SketchFest. Alex has created award-winning comedic videos for and Revision3, and his sketch group Boomtime has been featured on PBS. His debut album titled “Wizard Hello” on Rooftop Comedy’s label is currently available on iTunes. Alex is also the two-time winner of the San Francisco Regional Air Guitar Championship; No kidding.


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  • Andrew Sabata

    My inlaws are coming into town from Ohio and I’d love to be able to take them to the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, just up the road from my house in Occoquan. They just saw off my brother-in-law as he flew to Afghanistan, so I’m sure they could use a good laugh.

  • Kelsey Sweeney

    Hey Everyone! My name is Kelsey! Or as my friends like to call me, Kelsey! Just kidding. They don’t call me anything because they like to play this fun game where they pretend to have never met me when in public. Also they don’t exist.

    Let me tell you a little bit about why I should win the four-pack of tickets to see comedian Alex Koll at the Lorton Workhouse. First reason: I laugh REALLY loudly. Like real loud. Imagine the loudest laugh you can imagine and then imagine a laugh that is louder than that. Often times my deafening merriment is not a positive quality. It really unnerves people in front of me on the bus or the people whose bed I’m hiding under. But at a comedy show, I’m your gal. Laughing, like my rash, is highly contagious and my laugh catches on like norovirus on a cruise ship. Diarrhea for everyone!

    Second reason: I feel like Alex and I would really hit it off. I just have that feeling, ya know? I mean, we already have so much in common. His last name is “Koll” which kind of rhymes with “bowl” which is the style of haircut I had 2nd to 11th grade. Also his sketch comedy group has been featured on PBS and one time my poem in 4th grade was featured on the “Assignments Without A Name” board. Finally, his bio states that “Alex Koll’s comedy has grown organically”. We don’t have that in common. I firmly believe in the overwhelming benefits of genetically modified comedy. #FrankenFoods4Lyf

    Turns out I only had two reasons, but I think you’ll agree that the reasons why I should win the four-pack of tickets to go see Alex Koll are overwhelming, just like my panic attacks when the lights suddenly go off unexpectedly. I mean how do they just suddenly shut off? Ghosts? Shoddy electrical work? I honestly don’t know which is more terrifying. Either way, the closer I am to Alex Koll in terms of physical proximity only makes it easier for me to be closer to him emotionally, until our souls connect and form the prophesized One Mind. And I think we can all agree that that would be a desirable outcome for everyone.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Kelsey “Kelsey” Sweeney

  • I would LOVE to gift these to my son and his wife! They work so hard, and never go anywhere!!!

  • Potomac Local News

    Congratulations to Kelsey and Andrew for winning tickets to see Alex Koll. Great comments by both! They both have been emailed information on how to obtain their free tickets. Enjoy the show on behalf of Cool Cow Comedy and!

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