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What Might Have Been: Unfinished Manassas Lab Space Demolished

MANASSAS, Va. — A $175-million lab complex that never was completely built is coming down.

Steel that in 2010 was going to be turned into a biotech lab and research space for Covance is being torn down after they were left to rust when the company abandoned the project. The parcel of land on the Prince William County / Manassas City boarder on which the unfinished building sits is in the heart of Prince William County’s Innovation Technology Park that includes the FBI’s Northern Virginia Resident Agency, a data center, and a George Mason University research lab.

Covance still owns the parcel of land the demolished building sits on and there have been no companies announced to fill the space.

“You can’t leave an uncompleted structure up indefinitely,” said Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant.

The county is not paying for the demolition at the unfinished build that sits near the confluence of Va. 234 and Godwin Drive.

The county’s economic development office continues to sell the complex to potential investors. It’s proximity to Interstates 66 and 95, as well as Dulles International Airport, are some of the key selling points for the Innovation Park.

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  • Key selling points? That’s a laugher. We’ve had this “park” for about twenty years and it’s going nowhere fast. We bought the land very cheap, no doubt, but it is an albatross around our neck. We can’t give it away. We have an Economic Development department costing the taxpayers millions to support and they can’t shake this thing loose. Dulles et al can’t help sell it. Meaningless connection. This generates very little in returned tax revenues to PWC and there is no prestige associated with it outside PWC.

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